About HomeTechInside

HomeTechInside is a website led by Home Tech enthusiasts, worked in Home Tech industry for several years. This is a website where people believe in helping out individuals in making their home secure and amazing using the latest improvements in Tech products.

We know that all of us are not good at tech and in our day to day life come across several problems when using modern technology, therefore, we are here for you.

You will find the most researched troubleshooting guides and people who are here to respond to all your problems related to installation and use of smart home technology products in your home, like Video Doorbells, Thermostats, Smart TVs, Smart Cams, Security Systems and many more.

If you need any help, just shoot us a mail and we will reply to your query as soon as possible.

How HomeTechInside Started?

Hometechinside.com was started in mid 2023 with a single aim of making home automation easy for everyone. Keshav krishnan, the founder of this website, worked in this industry for years and came to understand the actual DIY cost is much less than what big service providers charge for making a home smart.

He thought of providing DIY information without any cost and help homeowners in making their home smart and this is how this website was born on the internet.

Nowadays, keshav has embraced the automation of every aspect of his life through the use of consumer-level electronics.

Additionally, he imparts his knowledge to others, guiding them on the integration of both these consumer-level devices and more intricate technologies into their own lives.

Our Team

Written 1000+ Technology Articles on Different Websites!

Name – Keshav Krishnan

Tech Experience – 6 Years

Designation – Owner

About – Keshav Krishnan is a Tech writer and passionate about Technology, Consumer Electronics, Smart Homes and Home Improvements. He spent the past 6 years writing articles on smart home products and worked closely alongside smart home planners and homeowners to perfect his knowledge of smart home products.

Tested More Than 100 Vacuums so far and much more to complete.

Name – Robbert Randy

Tech Experience – 5 years

Designation – Vacuum Mastermind

About – Robbert Randy is the mastermind behind the Vacuum articles on Hometechinside.com. He also owned his own website – VacuumStyle.com, which is now a part of HomeTechInside. As a graduate in Commercial Economics from the University of Applied Science in Leiden, he uses his analytical skills and economic knowledge to provide comprehensive, unbiased reviews of vacuum cleaners and proven troubleshooting tips.

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