Can You Use Smart TV Without Internet?

You can use a smart TV without an internet connection, but there’s a catch – you won’t be able to access the content, apps, or services that you normally use on your TV. You’ll also miss out on certain features and capabilities of your smart TV.

One of the best features of a smart TV is that you get to enjoy VOD (video on demand) services, music streaming devices, and even online games. However, all these require an internet connection. Whether you own a smart TV or are looking to buy one, you might be wondering “Can I still use my TV without internet?”

But no worries; there are still plenty that you can do with your smart TV if you don’t have access to WiFi.

In this article, we’ll discuss the capabilities of a smart TV, list down its features that won’t work without the internet, and things you can do with your TV when internet connection isn’t available.

What Makes A TV “Smart”?

what is a Smart tv

Smart TVs continue to rise in popularity. According to Variety Magazine’s Variety Intelligence Platform, smart TV users in the United States increased from 64 percent to 74 percent in 2023 alone.

Many households are adopting smart TVs because of their attractive features. In simple terms, a smart TV is a type of television that not only provides basic TV services but also modern ones like internet connectivity and streaming services.

If your TV runs on an operating system, can connect to the internet, and has its own app service then it’s smart.

Smart TVs also display high-definition pictures and audio by receiving signals from an antenna or directly from its built-in internet connection.

The following are a smart TV’s most distinguished features:

  • Operating System: Think of them as computers or smartphones – smart TVs use an operating system to run.
  • Internet Connectivity: Smart TVs have the ability to connect to the internet using ethernet or WiFi.
  • App Download: You can download various streaming apps, music, or gaming apps to your smart TV. You can also enjoy its built-in apps.
  • Voice Control: Smart TVs offer voice control features wherein you can control your device through voice commands.
  • Screen Mirroring: You will be able to cast the screen of your smartphone, laptop, or computer to a bigger screen.
  • Built-in Storage: Unlike traditional televisions, smart TVs are equipped with built-in storage for storing their operating system and downloading apps, software, and other services.

What Features of A Smart TV Won’t Work Without Internet Connection?

Smart tv Features that Won’t Work Without Internet Connection

Although you can still enjoy basic television features from your smart TV without internet, using it without a WiFi connection is like removing the “smart” from the smart TV equation. This is because most of the features that make it “smart” are internet-dependent.

Here are some smart TV features that won’t work without WiFi:

  • Firmware Updates: Because smart TVs run on operating systems, they need regular updates to avoid potential issues and improve user experience, especially when a new feature is added or a bug is identified.
  • Content Streaming: Most people buy smart TVs because of their ability to stream videos without using external devices. Even if you buy devices like Roku, Google Chromecast, or Fire Stick, you’ll still need the internet to download the apps and set them up.
  • App Download: With a smart TV, you can download apps just like you would on your smartphone or laptop. Unfortunately, this feature can’t be accessed without a stable internet connection.
  • Account Set-Up: While not all smart TVs require for an account set-up, it’s becoming more common in newer models. Without WiFi, it will be hard to complete some of the steps.
  • Direct Connection: Without internet, screen mirroring or casting from your phone or laptop can’t be done unless you use an external device or a hardwired connection.

What Can A Smart TV Do Without Internet Connection?

smart tv connected to cable box

A smart TV relies on a stable internet connection for full functionality. However, it doesn’t mean that it will become unusable if you can’t connect it to WiFi.

There are plenty of things you can do with your smart TV, such as: 

Watch Local TV

Smart TVs are often equipped with an ATSC tuner that receives over-the-air television signals transmitted by ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee).

If you use an antenna, you should be able to pick up signals from local television stations such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and more.

Connect Media Devices

Using an HDMI cable, you can still watch your favorite movies or TV shows and play music on your smart TV by connecting it to devices like laptops, Blu-ray players or DVD players, and gaming consoles.

Generally, smart TVs come with more HDMI ports than standard TVs, so you can connect more devices such as video game consoles, multimedia players, blue ray players and cable boxes.

Play Media Files Directly From USB or External Hard Drive Content

You can plug your thumb drive or external hard drive directly into your smart TV to view photos, watch videos, listen to music, or access any files stored there.

Cast or Mirror Screens

Another way to watch a movie, listen to music, or play games on your smart TV is by mirroring screens from compatible devices using casting methods (if supported by your TV) or by using an HDMI cable.

View Content from Cameras

You can view photos, videos, and other content from your digital or portable camera on a larger screen if you connect it to your smart TV using cables.

Play Offline Games

You can still enjoy playing games if you have pre-downloaded gaming apps on your TV that don’t require the internet to play.

Alternatively, you can also play offline games using gaming consoles connected to your smart TV.

If somehow you are getting no signal on tv, check this guide My TV Says ‘No Signal’ But Everything Is Plugged In.

How To Use Smart TV As a Regular TV Without Internet?

For most of us living in this modern digital era, watching an smart tv without internet may sound impossible but yet we can’t deny the fact that you can watch your smart Tv without an internet connection.

But, how?

use smart tv with antenna

If you don’t have a working internet connection, you can’t use any streaming services but you can use indoor or outdoor antennas to operate your smart TV without wifi.

These Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) transmits signals over-the-air (OTA) which is then picked by an antenna and delivered to your ATSC tuner.

Most smart tvs have built-in ATSC tuners, but it may not be available with older TV models. So, make sure your tv has a ATSC tuner if you want to use your smart tv with an antenna.

Using Indoor Antennas

Here are some of the indoor antennas that you can get to watch tv without an internet connection:

Rabbit Ear Antennas

Rabbit Ear Antennas can be a great option for you if you live not more than 15 miles away from a TV tower. These antennas have a loop with two dipoles – one is for UHF channels and the other is for VHF channels.

You can get this antenna in less than $20 from a local retailer or from here on Amazon.


This indoor TV antenna is digitally amplified and comes with a 16.5ft long coax cable.

You can watch hundreds of channels in HD quality including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, Univision and many more.

Winegard Flatwave

The Winegard flatwave is one of the best performing indoor antennas that has a range of 35 miles. You don’t require do any assembling. You just need to connect it to the back of your TV and run a channel scan.

You can enjoy almost all of your favorite shows, sports, and live tv channels in 4K and HD with an affordable price of $41 only.

DIY Antennas

You can even make your own indoor antenna if you live in less than 10 miles from a tower. You can make your own antenna by straightening a paper clip and connect it to your TV’s coax connector.

Using Outdoor Antennas

Outdoor antennas are designed to be placed outside your house, has more signal range and usually hanged on a pole to capture more OTA signals.

Here are the two most used antennas in United Stated to watch TV without internet connection.

Clearstream 1 Max and 2 Max

You can use this antenna in three different configurations – place it on a table, mount on the wall or place it on a pole outside.

The Max 2 is a larger one and pulls more channels than the Max 1.

Winegard Freevision

You can install this antenna on a pole or hang it using a nail. But, you will need a coax wire to complete the installation which is easily available on Amazon and Home Depot.

Can A Smart TV Be Used As A Regular TV?

You can use a smart TV as a regular TV by connecting your tv to a cable connection or an indoor/outdoor antenna. You simply need to connect the coax table to the back of your TV’s coax connector.

Is A Smart TV Any Good Without Internet?

You can connect and use your smart tv with a satellite or cable box, DVD player, antenna or gaming console and this doesn’t require an internet access.

However, if you use your smart tv without internet, you won’t be able to use any streaming app.

Can You Use A Smart TV Without The Internet?

A smart tv requires a working internet connection to stream content online. But if you don’t have a stable wifi connection, you can use mobile device with a data plan to create a hotspot and connect it to your smart TV.

Can I Watch Netflix on My Smart TV Without Internet?

Netflix is an online streaming service that requires an wi-fi network to stream content. So, if you want to watch Netflix on your tv, you need a working home internet connection.

However, if you have already downloaded the content on Netflix then you can watch that content connecting you mobile device using an HDMI cable or PC device to your TV, or even using Screen Sharing.


You can still enjoy watching movies, listening to music, or playing games on your smart TV even without an internet connection. Even with the absence of WiFi, a smart TV provides you with high-quality picture and sound, which makes it a better option compared to traditional televisions, with or without internet.

Although you can’t enjoy a smart TV’s best features without a WiFi connection, you can get creative and still make the most out of it!

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