Do Lorex Cameras Record All the Time?

Before most people invest in Lorex cameras and security systems, they will often want to research the tech and figure out if the equipment can record all the time. If you are investing in Lorex cameras, what are the important facts you need to know about their capability to continuously record all the time? Here are the most important things to know when it comes to Lorex camera recording abilities!

Lorex cameras are set up to record continuously. The cameras just need to be correctly set up and have a steady power source and will constantly capture video, whether there’s motion or not. Once their storage runs out, Lorex cameras will delete old footage to free up more space.

How should users prep and use Lorex cameras to ensure they receive continuously recorded footage? What else should you do to make sure your Lorex cameras are in tip-top shape?

Let’s go over what to know and keep in mind when it comes to Lorex cameras and digitally recorded footage.

Continuous Recording and Lorex Cameras

Lorex cameras are made to nonstop record after they’ve been successfully set up. They are capable of recording at all times, as long as they have enough storage.

Once they run out of storage, the cameras are preprogrammed to delete the oldest stored videos to make room for new material. This continuous type of recording can be backed up to DVR video storage spaces or wirelessly to the cloud.

A big plus side to using DVR video storage is the lack of an ongoing cost. The cameras for DVR video recording will record continuously. They will record continuously, even if there is no motion to capture. This will give you a complete view of what is going on in and around your house, whether you are at home or away.

How Most Lorex Cameras Go About Recording Video?

Most Lorex cameras come with a recorder from the get-go. This recorder is a computer box with a hard drive. This hard drive stores ongoing, continuous footage that is streamed from the connected Lorex cameras. This is a fantastic approach to storing data since ascribing to this approach will not incur a monthly fee. Local recording like this is free.

(Read our article "Is There A Monthly Fee For Lorex" for more details on lorex free storage and monthly fee.)

Keep in mind that you need to have cloud backup to have constant hard drive uploading that is then saved indefinitely. If you don’t have sufficient cloud backup space, then your important videos may ‘expire’ and be lost to you. Make sure to get a cloud backup to avoid this potential problem.

Lorex videos don’t have a conventional time limit, unlike with cloud storage which can time out and expire.

Lorex DVRs

Lorex brand DVRs are made to erase the oldest video clips on file when their storage gets full. This is put in place so they can constantly make more space for new videos.

Lorex DVRs are special since they are configured to erase and get rid of the oldest clips on file once the DVR hits full storage capacity. The DVRs are designed this way to make room for new videos and prioritize them as soon as possible.

How Long Do Lorex Cameras Record on One TB of Space?

Lorex cameras that are on a one TB recorder plan can store around 20 days’ worth of continuous video from a single camera. One hour of recorded security footage uses up about two GB of storage space.

Lorex Camera Logistics

Most houses will usually need more than a single camera to secure the location. Most people will buy and use at least four Lorex cameras, which would then share a video storage space.

If you choose to go this route, using four cameras, each with a one TB recorder, that all share a storage space, they may record about five days worth of rolling clips from each camera.

After roughly five days, these cameras will likely fill their shared storage space and start deleting the oldest stored videos.

Lorex sells some DVR setups that come with eight channels. This means that up to eight cameras can be hooked up to these DVR types.

Lorex even sells DVRs with 16 or 32 channels, but these hefty DVR arrays are usually only needed by business security applications. Most people will only need the eight channel DVRs for their home.

If You Need Bigger Video Storage Capability

If storing anywhere between 5 to 20 days of video footage doesn’t seem sufficient, there’s a way to remedy and make up for this weak spot! When looking to add more storage, you can expand your DVR storage space.

To prolong the time that Lorex cameras can record live footage, hook up three or more hard drives to your camera’s DVR slot.

A limiting factor when it comes to expanding video storage is the cost of hard drives. They don’t come cheap, so beefing up your DVR storage will often end with a fair equipment bill to pay.

Remember this when shopping and choosing the best Lorex cameras and additional hard drives for your security array.

DVR storage may not be the best form of storage for all users. It all depends on your goals and commitment. If you go with storing your security videos locally, then there is a lower risk of hackers stealing your footage and password information. Video footage stored in the cloud has a higher likelihood of getting hacked.

Lorex is an ideal brand to use for camera security that can easily spare you from monthly fees while offering continuous recording.

Just remember, local storage is never foolproof. If security videos are stored on a device, there will always be a chance of you losing recorded clips if the recorder gets damaged or stolen. This is why some people prefer cloud storage, which is more secure in some regards at the cost of a monthly fee.

Sometimes security videos stored on the cloud get leaked. This is luckily not very common though, and if you use cloud storage, you get access to your videos any time you want. Cloud storage also acts as a backup in case your physical camera gets stolen.

However, if your Lorex camera is not working, you can check our troubleshooting article to fix Your Not Working Lorex Camera.

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