Why is My Dyson Brush Not Spinning?

If the brush on your Dyson isn’t spinning, it may be because it’s loaded with dust and dirt or clogged with hair, thread, fibres or fur. Then, the transmission rod that rotates the brush bar also becomes stuck.

Your Dyson vacuum cleaning head has a rotary brush that rotates rapidly to beat and loosen dirt from your carpets. Has your Dyson vacuum stopped spinning? 

On the other hand, dirty electrical contacts throughout the vacuum might also prevent the cleaning head from generating enough power to spin the brush bar.

Causes of a Dyson Brush Not Spinning

New Dyson Brush Bar

The brush of a Dyson vacuum cleaner may not rotate for various reasons. These are some of them:

  • The battery is damaged.
  • Not cleaning the vacuum regularly.
  • Hair is tangled on the roller of the dyson vacuum brush.
  • The vacuum hose is clogged.
  • The vacuum is not sealed properly.
  • The vacuum is not receiving enough power.

Why Is the Brush on My Dyson Not Spinning? How To Fix

reasons for dyson brush bar stop spinning

The vacuum brush may not be spinning for many reasons like Improper cleaning, user error, overheating, battery and power problems, or configuration.

Let’s explore how to find and fix these problems:

The Dyson Brush Bar Is Stuck

Fur and other particles can get loose on the floor and get deeply lodged in carpets, which is a problem for households with pets or family members with long hair.

While the purpose of the vacuum cleaner’s brush bar is to gather and remove dirt from the carpet, doing so may cause the carpet threads to become tangled up in the spinning brush leading to brush bar not spinning.

If this occurs, the brush bar could stop moving, and you wouldn’t be able to vacuum your floors. You must get to the rotating brush and cut the trapped fibres and hairs out to get your brush bar whirling again.

To fix this, remove the cleaning head and unscrew the fastener holding the base on the bottom. With the lid now open, you may access the brush bar and gently cut away any objects that have become twisted around it with scissors.

Cover the cleaner head and reinstall the brush bar once it can rotate freely.

Dyson Vacuum is Overheating

reasons for dyson overheating

Long hours of continuous working cause appliances to overheat. The brush won’t spin if your Dyson vacuum is too hot. Overheating can occur because of many reasons; the two which you have control over are clogs and dirty filters.

Since clogs prevent the movement of the brush while the motor is powered on, it leads to overheating.

When the air filter is dirty, the vacuum has to overwork which causes the Dyson to overheat.

Cleaning Up Clogs to Prevent Overheating

Clogs of hair and debris around the dyson roller brush can also prevent the vacuum brush from rotating. You need to remove the apparent strands or hairs with scissors.

After cleaning, if the brush still won’t spin, you’ll have to unscrew the brush head and take the roller out.

If sludge is still accumulated on the roller, obstructing movement, you can see everything after removing the roller and assess the situation.

Occasionally, something can be tangled around the gears that spin the brush. After removing the brush roller from the head, examine the gears on either side.

Clean Dyson Vacuum’s Air Filters to Prevent Overheating

cleaning dyson air filters

As mentioned before, a dirty filter causes the machine to overwork, producing overheating. To clean the filter, firstly, remove the filter and then lift the filter above a garbage bin.

To remove all of the dirt and debris within, softly tap it on one side. Carry it to the sink and wash it with cold running water afterwards.

Rinse repeatedly until the water is clear. Allow the filter to dry for at least 24 hours in good ventilation. You should only put the filter back into the vacuum when it completely dries.

Broken Power Source

How can you expect the brush to spin if the vacuum does not receive power?

So, you must also ensure that the vacuum is duly connected to any power source before concluding that the vacuum brush is not spinning.

Damaged Power Cord

A broken vacuum cleaner cable poses a severe risk to electrical safety. You may have a damaged vacuum cable; if so, you must address this issue immediately.

The least of your worries should be if your Dyson vacuum stopped operating as a torn cable could result in electrocution too, which might be fatal.

To fix this, check the power plug to see if it is damaged. If the cord is damaged, replace it as soon as possible, and the vacuum brush stop spinning issue will be resolved.

Damaged Battery

damaged battery in dyson vacuum

If you use a cordless Dyson, the problem can be the battery. A defective battery can pose a severe threat to the safety of your appliance. Since a vacuum runs on a power source, such as a battery or direct connection,

you must take care if the battery cell in your vacuum is swollen, dented, haor s any other damage.

If you see that Dyson’s battery is damaged, remove the vacuum’s batteries immediately if there are any noticeable dents or cracks in the battery inserted into the machine.

I have been using this Dyson battery for myself and its working good for me.

Wrong Height Setting 

Height means separating the carpet pile and the bottom of your Dyson cleaning head. The height must be perfect for a vacuum to function correctly, particularly on thick carpets.

If it’s too low, the vacuum will become stuck to the carpet after sucking up the carpeting pile. Conversely, the vacuum won’t even suck up a thing if it’s too high.

The height setting is unquestionably the issue if the brush keeps spinning, yet the vacuum doesn’t pick up anything on your carpet. This explains why your dirt-caked carpet isn’t getting any cleaner with the Dyson vacuum running with the rotating brush.

The Vacuum Is Improperly Locked

The Vacuum Is Improperly Locked

Since you are using vacuum cleaners as a part of your daily cleaning routine, you know that it is advised to lock the Dyson into a vertical position when you are finished using the vacuum. When you have stored your vacuum as such,

the motor doesn’t operate, as this locking mechanism is activated. Since the device is not working, it is obvious that the brush won’t spin either. So, before complaining that the vacuum brush is not spinning, you have unlocked the vacuum.

To get the Dyson vacuum brushes rotating again, hit the button at the bottom, next to the cleaning head. You can refer to the user manual for your Dyson models if you need help determining where that unlock button is situated.

After unlocking the vacuum, check to see whether the vacuum brush has started spinning or not.

The Vacuum Is Not Sealed

Many people who don’t have to use the vacuum for an extended time dismantle the vacuum for storage purposes and keep the components separately.

When using the vacuum again, they didn’t put the right parts together or didn’t fix any parts tight enough. The Dyson will also not operate if you do something of the sort. 

If you figure that your Dyson vacuum’s brush is not spinning because you have made a mistake in assembling the machine, don’t bother. It’s pretty easy to solve the issue. Place the vacuum on the ground and examine the cleaning head’s seal.

Pull the cleaning head up against the vacuum’s main body if it’s loose. The cleaning head is finally in position when you hear a click.

Reconnect the vacuum’s power cord and give it another go to check if the issue has been resolved.

Remember that before doing any of these things, the vacuum should be disconnected from the power source; otherwise, you risk yourself.

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A few issues can arise with Dyson vacuums, and a stuck brush is one of them. However, cleaning or fixing a damaged brush roll is an effortless task.

The reasons for the issue are typically easy to identify, and solutions are common to find and easy to execute. Doing so will spare you from taking your vacuum cleaner to some expert and save you money on repairs. However, there may come a moment when you cannot resolve the issue on your own.

You should take your vacuum to a professional in situations where the troubleshooting techniques mentioned above don’t work.

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