Dyson Serial Number Lookup: Which Dyson Do I Have?

To find out what Dyson model you have, locate the label on the back of the battery pack. When you remove the battery, you’ll be able to see the name and model number of your vacuum.

If you have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, then you might want to know what model you have. Whether you’re looking for a replacement part or are just curious, here’s how to find your Dyson model on your vacuum.

There are several reasons you’d want to know what model of vacuum you have, but finding it isn’t always so easy.

In this article, we will walk you through the best way of locating your model and what it means.

Why Do You Need the Model Number?

what dyson do I have

In most cases, you will need to find the model number for your Dyson vacuum if you need a replacement part. Whether you need new attachments or a battery replacement, it’s important to provide Dyson with the model so that they can give you the right attachment for the job.

Checking ahead of time to make sure the part and model are compatible is an easy and important step, since incompatible parts won’t work with different Dyson models than they’re intended for.

Another reason you may need to find the model number on your Dyson is if you’re planning on upgrading or replacing your Dyson vacuum.

If you want an upgrade, having the model number is useful information so that you know the specs of your machine. Doing so lets you plan what sort of improvements you want in your next purchase, whether you’re buying another Dyson vacuum or comparing Dyson products with competitors’ vacuums.

Similarly, if you’re happy with the performance of your Dyson, you might want to replace your worn out one with exactly the same machine. Finding the model is the best way to do that.

Dyson Vacuums and where to find the Model (Dyson Serial Number Lookup)

Dyson VacuumWhere To Find
Stick VacuumCheck behind the dust  bin or beneath the battery.
Handheld VacuumsCheck behind the filter or the bottom of the vacuum.
Upright vacuumCheck behind the dust bin, the bottom of device or behind the handle.
Canister vacuumCheck the dust cup bin and  the device’s bottom.
Robot vacuumCheck behind the dust bin.

How To Find Dyson Model Number?

Finding the Dyson model number on your vacuum can be a bit of a nuisance since the location varies depending on the model, and, of course, you don’t know what model you have—that’s why you’re looking for it.

Checking some parts of your vacuum will usually yield the model number in the form of a white sticker.

The sticker will usually contain both the serial number and the model number. The serial number can be a lengthy string of numbers, while the model number is usually a pairing of two letters and two numbers which, when you search the word “Dyson” with your discovered model number, should yield the model you have.

Generally, you can find the sticker with the model number on the battery, which is grey and usually located in a compartment on the handle.

Turn the battery over when you find it, and you should see a sticker on the bottom with the serial number and model listed. If that doesn’t work, you can try looking in the following locations:

  • Behind the suction hose
  • Behind the dust canister

If neither of these locations has a sticker, then you might need to put your vacuum carefully on its side and check the bottom near the wheels.

In some of their more traditional vacuums, the sticker will be located near the base of the vacuum by the wheels. (1)

Where To Find Dyson Serial Number?

Dyson Model & Serial Number

To find out what model Dyson you have, the easiest method is to locate the label. Start by opening the battery pack compartment, usually located on the handle. If you have a newer model, then you may need to use a screwdriver to open this compartment.

Once you’ve got it open, you should be able to remove the battery and see the label on the back. The name and model of your Dyson vacuum cleaner should be listed right there on the battery.

On the label, you’ll see the word “Dyson” with a model number to the top right of it and a serial number listed below the bar code.

The model numbers are usually listed as two letters followed by two numbers, such as the SV22 or the DC62, but the number isn’t always listed on the battery sticker, in which case, you’ll need to make do with the serial number. (2)

Dyson Stick Vacuums

If you have a Dyson stick vacuum cleaner, you’ll be able to find the serial number behind the dust container, or you may be able to see the number on the sticker located at the bottom of the battery.

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner

For dyson upright vacuum cleaner, you can find the serial number and model behind the dust container, located on the underside of the vacuum. You may also be able to find it behind the handle.

Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

You can find the serial and model number on a handheld vacuum behind the filter or on the lower half of the battery.

Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaner

With a Dyson canister vacuum cleaner, you can locate the serial number or model number behind the dust container or at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner.

Dyson Robot Vacuum

On a robot vacuum cleaner, you’ll be able to find the serial number and model number behind the dust container. Remove the dust container from the robot and examine it to find the sticker with the model number on it.

Dyson Vacuums Serial and Model Number

Dyson Stick Vacuums Model and Serial Number

Dyson Stick VacuumsModel NumberSerial Number
Dyson V6SV09, SV05, SV04, SV03,
HH08, DC72, DC74, DC58,
DC59, DC61, DC62
JZ2, PJ5, JY9, RE4, RE3, WT5,
WS7, WS8, WS9, JY8,RD8,
MW2, JV3, JZ1, JY7, VG5,
Dyson V7SV11, SV07, SV06, HH11TN3, N7E, RE2, TM8, TN1, TN5,
JM6, JM7, WE3,G1W, TN4, TM9,
TM7, UF2, ZR7, TN2, B4M
Dyson V8SV10YH5, RA8, RA9, VE8, ZH2, ZH1,
C3G, C3U, A8D, WZ8, RB7,
RB9, RC2, PM9, YA5, U8G,
H5C, H5B, PM8, RC8, A1Y,
A1Z, H5E, C1P, TT9, N5E, N6P,
H3M, U8B, U1C, U7X, U8V,
U9M, U9J, U8C, U9K, U1A, U7C,
U7D, Z3T, H5F, H5P, G5W,
N6T, E5A, YA4, B9F, B2R,
ZH2, C3F, G1K, B6V, RA9,
VE7, VE6
Dyson V10SV12, SV12GB5C, YJ5, YJ6, ZE8, YG2, ZE7,
ZE6, ZS5, ZS4, C3M, B6W, E6N
Dyson V15SV22
Dyson V12SV26, SV20S3E
Dyson V11SV17, SV14
Dyson OutsizeSV16
Dyson DC45DC45MC9, AG4, DW4, GD7, MD1,
Dyson DC44DC44
Dyson DC35DC35HH3-EU, CD7-EU, HH4-FR,

Dyson Upright Vacuums Serial Number

Dyson Upright VacuumsSerial Number
Dyson DC01
Dyson DC03
Dyson DC04
Dyson DC07
Dyson DC14
Dyson DC15203
Dyson DC18327
Dyson DC24532
Dyson DC25485
Dyson DC27
Dyson DC40FD1
Dyson DC41
Dyson DC42BV1
Dyson DC50
Dyson DC51HS1

Dyson Canister Vacuums Model and Serial Number

Dyson Canister VacuumsModel NumberSerial Number
Dyson BallCY27VZ9, WA1, UZ3, WA2, WA5,
WA4, WA3
Dyson Big BallCY23, CY28PY2, PJ2, PX9, PV4, PN2,
RD9, PZ8, VK6, VZ1, UZ4,
VK7, VK9, VK8
Dyson Cinetic Big BallCY22, CY26PZ4, PV3, PH8, PR5, WP4,
VH1, VZ2, VZ3

Dyson Robot Vacuums Model and Serial Number

Dyson Robot VacuumsModel NumberSerial Number
Dyson 360 Eye360-EYERB01

Check The User’s Manual

If you can’t find your model number anywhere on your vacuum after checking everywhere, then it’s worth consulting the user’s manual that came with your purchase.

The manual should list the model number you have, or, if you need the serial number, it will list it as well.

Look Online Store From Where You Bought Your Vacuum

If you purchased your Dyson vacuum through an online vendor, then there’s probably a virtual paper trail you can use to find out what model number you have.

For example, if you bought your Dyson vacuum cleaners on Amazon, then you can pretty easily find the model number and type you purchased from your purchase history.

 To find that, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Your Account page on Amazon’s official website.
  • Sign into the account on which you bought the items.
  • Click the Your Orders button to see your order history.

Once on the Your Orders page, you should readily be able to see what type of Dyson vacuum you ordered and the details associated with it so that you can compare products or find a suitable replacement part where necessary.

This information may also be able to help to assess when you bought the vacuum since, if you need to replace a part, it’s always worth checking if the product is still under warranty. Dyson’s warranties vary per product, but usually last 5-10 years.

Want to know how long does Dyson battery last, read our guide on Dyson Battery lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my Dyson serial number?

For dyson serial number lookup you will need to locate the label on your machine. It is usually found on the back or base of the vacuum cleaner and may be located in different places depending on which model you have. Once you have located the label, look for a combination of letters and numbers that are 13 digits long.

Where is Dyson cordless serial number?

The serial number for Dyson cordless vacuums is usually located on a label or sticker on the machine.
It is typically found at the base of the vacuum, near where you insert the battery pack, and may be printed inside the dust bin area.

Where is Dyson corded vacuums serial number?

The serial number for Dyson corded vacuums can usually be found on a label or sticker on the machine.
It is typically located at the back of the vacuum, near where you plug in the power cord, and may be printed inside the dust bin area.

How can I tell which model I have?

The easiest way to identify which model of device you have is by looking at the back or bottom of the device. There should be a label with the model number printed on it. You can also look in the settings menu of your device and find the model information there. If you are still unsure, contact Dyson support.

Where is the model number on a Dyson v7?

The model number for the Dyson v7 can be found on the silver label located at the back of the device, just above where the power cord attaches. The model number should begin with either “SV” or “SK.” You may also find other numbers printed on the label, such as serial numbers. This will help you to identify your particular model and determine which parts are compatible with it.

Final Thoughts

Finding the model number on your Dyson vacuum cleaner can be a hassle, but thankfully, you can usually locate it right on the battery in the handle compartment.

If not, there are several places around the vacuum you should check, such as behind the dust container, by the wheels, or behind the handle.

In any case, finding your model number is a great way to make sure you’re getting the right replacement part or review the specs of your vacuum when comparing products and helpful in finding troubleshooting tips when you ever face a problem with your Dyson Vacuum such as Dyson Vacuum Blinking Red.

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