Dyson Vacuum Keeps Turning Off: Why and How To Fix

If your Dyson vacuum turning on and off, there’s a high chance that the battery is failing. This could be due to a poor connection or just an old battery. In some cases, a vacuum switching off will be due to a blockage or a dirty filter. Another potential explanation is the motor overheating.

Have you got a Dyson vacuum cleaner that keeps turning itself off every time you use it? If it flicks on again shortly after, you might be confused and frustrated. Nobody wants vacuuming to take extra time because of a faulty appliance.

In this article, we’re going to help you look at Dyson vacuum keeps turning off: why and how to fix. We’ll explore the top reasons that vacuums turn off unexpectedly, and how you can deal with these issues.

What Can Cause A Dyson Vacuum To Keep Turning Off?

Dyson Animal Vacuum

Quite a few things can cause a Dyson vacuum to turn off unexpectedly, unfortunately. This is frustrating if you’re trying to clean a carpet, but it’s not an uncommon problem.

Because there are quite a few potential causes, you may have to spend some time figuring out what’s going wrong. Some of the things that can make your Dyson vacuum switch off include:

  • The filter is dirty
  • There’s a blockage somewhere in the vacuum or one of its tubes
  • The battery is old and worn out
  • The battery has a faulty connection

Fortunately, most of these issues can be fixed if you take the right approach to them, although it is worth spending some time diagnosing the problem first.

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Many people choose to check their vacuums for blockages and dirty filters before they look at purchasing a new battery or getting the battery connections repaired.

We’ll spend some time looking at each of these causes and how you can fix them below, so you can get your Dyson vacuum running smoothly again. (1)

How To Fix A Dyson Vacuum That Keeps Turning ON & Off?

Troubleshooting Dyson vacuum

If your Dyson vacuum turns on and off constantly, the first step in troubleshooting is to fully charge the batteries as low battery life could be the most possible reason for this.

If your Dyson Vacuum cleaner keeps shutting off, it might not be faulty; rather, you may just have too many attachments on it. Try removing them to see if that helps.

Run your Dyson vacuum for a short while and see if it has stopped turning off frequently and is now working correctly.

Is your Dyson Vacuum still keep going out?

Check the below troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure the filter is securely fastened to the vacuum cleaner.
  • You are not using vacuum on wrong floor type.
  • It’s important to frequently check for blockages in the airway to ensure smooth breathing.
  • Not only are Dyson vacuum cleaners powerful, but they’re also simple to clean.

Not only should you regularly empty the dust container, but for optimal performance, you should also clean Dyson HEPA filters.

If your Dyson is shutting off after a few seconds or minutes of use, here are a few reasons with troubleshooting tips to fix the problem. (2)

The Vacuum’s Filter Is Dirty

Dyson Filter Cleaning

The filter is designed to stop dust from getting out of your vacuum and circulating back into your home – but unfortunately, that means that it is likely to eventually get clogged up and stop working properly. This can cause your vacuum to switch off, because the machine is trying to prevent damage from being caused.

The solution to fix clogged filter is to clean it, but you will need to locate it first. Start by switching off the vacuum and disconnecting it from its power supply.

Some Dyson vacuum cleaner models have more than one filter, with many carrying a HEPA filter (high-efficiency particulate air) to reduce the spread of allergens around your home.

You need to locate all of the filters. Your manual should tell you where they are.

Once you have found, remove the filter according to your instruction manual. Some filters can be pulled straight out, while others will need to be twisted and then pulled. Once you’ve removed all of them, inspect them.

You might think that the filters look reasonably clean, but it’s generally still worth washing filter monthly. To do this, rinse the filters under cold running water, and continue rinsing thoroughly until the water runs clear.

Don’t put soap on them. Some filters can be gently twisted to flush dirt out of them, but in many cases, just rinsing will be sufficient.

Once they are clean, leave the filters for a full 24 hours to completely dry. Next, run a clean tissue around the filter to check for any residual dampness. You don’t want to put a wet filter back into your vacuum cleaner.

Make sure you screw the filter firmly back into place once it’s ready; a loose filter could also cause your vacuum to switch on and off.

There’s A Blockage

Blockages are also a common issue with vacuum cleaners, and will cause your Dyson to stop and start repeatedly. This is therefore something you should check immediately.

Open the Dyson and start by looking at whether the bin is full, or whether anything is trapped in the entryway to its bin. If it is, clean the area and empty the bin.

Once the bin is empty, you’ll want to check pipes and tubes for any blockages. You will need a thin, preferably flexible rod, so that you can gently insert it into the pipes and push it around to search for blockages.

If you find a blockage, remove the tube from the vacuum and use the pipe to push the blockage out. Work gently to avoid damaging the vacuum.

You should also check the attachment ends for any obstruction, especially if you think you have sucked up anything unsuitable.

Your Vacuum’s Battery Life / Too Old Battery

low battery life in vacuum cleaner

An old battery is often the cause of a vacuum cleaner switching on and off. Vacuum batteries don’t last forever, but many people forget about this, and don’t think to purchase a new dyson battery when they are having power problems.

The first thing you should do is fully charge your vacuum cleaner to check whether this resolves the problem. Make sure your charger is plugged in and the machine is charging properly before you leave it.

Make sure not to use your vacuum on Max Mode as it sucks your battery life for some extra performance.

In some cases, this is all you’ll need to do to fix your vacuum cleaner. In others, the problem will persist, and then you might be looking at completely replacing the battery.

If you need to replace the battery, make sure you purchase one that has been designed for your Dyson’s make and model. (Which Dyson Model Do You Have?)

There are thousands of vacuum cleaners produced by Dyson, and if you don’t select the right one, it won’t work – and worse, it might even damage your vacuum cleaner.

You can search for compatible batteries online by entering your Dyson’s make and model number, followed by the word “replacement battery.” This should help you to narrow down a list of batteries that will work for your vacuum cleaner.

Once you have the new battery, replaced correctly, fit it according to the manufacturer’s directions and fully charge it (unless the enclosed documentation says otherwise).

Your vacuum should then be ready to go, and you will hopefully have solved the switching on and off issue.

The Battery Has A Faulty Connection

If your Dyson’s battery isn’t properly attached, the machine will turn on and off constantly, because its power won’t be constant. This is bad for the vacuum, and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. You may wish to get your vacuum professionally repaired if you think it has a faulty battery connector.

It can be difficult to tell if there’s a faulty connection, but if you’ve recently had a new battery and you’ve checked for other issues, this is one to be aware of.

A new battery shouldn’t be dying from lack of charge, so it’s more likely that battery compartment is not attached properly.

Fixing it may be a quick and easy job, but it should be undertaken by a professional.

Want To Buy a New Battery: Know This First!

A common reason that Dyson cordless vacuum malfunction after only a few minutes of use is due to a worn-out battery. If you are looking for a new battery, it is probably best to get one with more power so that your Dyson lasts longer.

Before purchasing a new battery, confirm which Dyson Model you have and if it necessitates a screw-in or snap-in battery.

Dyson ModelType Of BatteryWhere To Find Them
Dyson V6Screw-on batteryAmazon
Dyson V7Screw-on batteryAmazon
Dyson V8Screw-on batteryAmazon
Dyson V10Screw-on batteryAmazon
Dyson V11Snap-in batteryAmazon
Dyson V15Snap-in batteryAmazon
Dyson MicroSnap-in batteryAmazon

It’s a piece of cake to replace your Dyson battery. By following our comprehensive guide on battery replacement, you’ll have it done in no time flat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix a Dyson that keeps cutting out?

One of the common reasons a Dyson vacuum cleaner may keep cutting out is due to an issue with its filters. If your machine has not been recently serviced, then it is likely that the filter needs to be changed or cleaned.

To check if this is the case, remove the dust bucket and check for any blockages.

Why does my vacuum keep shutting off?

The most common cause for a vacuum cleaner shut off is that it has overheated. This often happens when you are vacuuming up large amounts of dirt or debris, or when the filter is clogged and not allowing air to move freely through the system.

To fix this, make sure you clean out your filters regularly and don’t use the vacuum for extended periods of time.

What does it mean when your Dyson is turning on and off?

When your Dyson is turning on and off, it usually means that there are air blockages. This could be caused by something like tangled hair, dirt or dust clogging up the filter or hose.

A thorough cleaning of all the filters with cold water and hoses should help to get your vacuum running smoothly again.


That’s everything you need to know about Dyson vacuum keeps turning off: why and how to fix! Hopefully, that has helped you to diagnose the issue with your vacuum cleaner so you can fix it effectively. It’s very frustrating to have a faulty vacuum, so follow each of the steps above to get yours working again.

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