What is Dyson Trigger Lock & How Does It Work?

The Dyson vacuum trigger lock is an accessory that keeps the vacuum running continuously. That can help you vacuum for much longer without tiring your hand and fingers. Trigger locks aren’t an official Dyson accessory, but you can find many different types from third-party manufacturers. Just be sure to choose one that’s compatible with your particular vacuum model!

Dyson vacuums have taken the cleaning world by storm, and for good reasons. Their popularity has also led to the creation of many accessories from third-party brands, such as the trigger lock. But what is it, and how does it work?

Read through this guide to learn more about Dyson vacuum trigger locks and how you can benefit by getting one for yourself!

What Is The Dyson Vacuum Trigger Lock?

The Dyson vacuum trigger lock is exactly as the name suggests: it’s an accessory that locks the trigger down on a Dyson vacuum. More specifically, the lock keeps the trigger depressed until you undo it manually.

In doing so, the dyson vacuum cleaner will run continuously without you having to hold the trigger down manually. That will make it much more convenient for you, especially if you’re cleaning for extended periods.

According to the Dyson employee & website, only Dyson V12 has a lockable button.

Unfortunately, Dyson vacuums do not come with trigger locks as a standard feature. Instead, you’ll have to purchase the trigger lock separately from the third-party brands that make them.

Don’t worry, though!

There are plenty of brands that make these trigger locks. That means you’ll have no problems finding one that’s compatible with your particular Dyson vacuum model.

(Here’s the link to the Dyson trigger lock I use and its really makes my work easy and convenient.)

On top of that, you’ll have plenty of choices and can find one that suits your budget perfectly.

Dyson vacuum trigger locks are incredibly straightforward and inexpensive accessories. Still, they have lots of value to offer and are, therefore, worth checking out.

Keep reading to discover more details about how these trigger locks can benefit you.

You can also go through our this post if your dyson trigger lock is not working.

Why Do You Need Dyson Trigger Lock?

Why Do You Need Dyson Trigger Lock

Many customers at hometechinside.com have expressed annoyance with the need to continuously press the dyson trigger button on the Dyson.

If you find yourself vacuuming for extended periods or frequently cleaning hard-to-reach floors or areas, you may want to consider using the button lock feature. This can be especially helpful if you have difficulty pressing the trigger button due to wearing jewelry, hand problems, or age.

A trigger lock can be helpful to switch on the vacuum cleaner even if your hands are occupied with tasks like sawing, sanding, and drilling.

Here are the primary reasons to consider:

  • To reduce the amount of time and effort needed to clean.
  • To avoid strain on your hands or fingers.
  • As an easier option for the elderly.
  • To prevent jewelry from getting tangled or sucked up.
  • A convenient solution when working with no hands-free.

Trigger Lock on Dyson V7, V8, V10, V11 and V15

The Dyson vacuum cleaners that have the Trigger button are:

  1. Dyson V15 Detect,
  2. Dyson V11,
  3. Dyson V10,
  4. Dyson V8, and
  5. Dyson V7.

Do some Dyson stick vacuums not have a trigger button? Yes, some models do not require a trigger button to operate.

For example, the Dyson OmniGlide, Dyson Micro 1.5 kg, and Dyson V12 are examples of such models.

Although the OmniGlide has a trigger button, it can be operated without holding it due to its 360-degree rotatable handle.

What is the Purpose of the Button that Needs to be Held Down on a Dyson Vacuum?

I contacted Dyson’s customer service to inquire about the button that needs my finger to be held down while vacuuming.

The representative explained that the design is modeled after that of a drill, where holding down a trigger button is a natural action.

According to the representative, this design is quite logical and intuitive.

It is a common tendency for people to hold a device and instinctively press the trigger button.

Dyson customer service

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Trigger Lock?

Benefits Of Using The Trigger Lock

Here are 5 important benefits of having and using a Dyson vacuum trigger lock on your appliance:

  • Keeps trigger depressed: The first and most apparent benefit of adding a trigger lock to your Dyson vacuum is it’ll keep the trigger depressed as you use the appliance. That’s handy not only for people who don’t want to hold it down manually but also for those who find it challenging due to a disability.
  • Reduces fatigue: You might not think that you’re using much energy to hold the trigger at first thought. However, flexing your fingers to hold the trigger will gradually tire them out, forcing you to take a break or stop vacuuming before you’re done.
  • Clean for longer: As you read above, a trigger lock prevents you from tiring your hands. That also means that you can clean for much longer without taking any breaks. When you combine that advantage with how many Dyson vacuums can run for up to 60 minutes, you’ll be vacuuming for quite some time without interruptions!
  • Easier to clean a whole area: Some areas take more time to vacuum than others. When you combine all the benefits above, you get the ability to clean an entire area in one session without having to stop. As long as your battery is fully charged, you can get the job done with the help of a vacuum trigger lock.
  • Multitasking: Lastly, having a trigger lock will help you multitask much better. That’s especially true if you need to operate another tool simultaneously while the vacuum runs. For example, you might want to drill a hole in a wall while using your Dyson to suck up all the dust. You won’t need someone to help you with a vacuum trigger lock.

Where Can You Buy Dyson Vacuum Trigger Locks?

As you read earlier, Dyson vacuums don’t come with trigger locks as a standard feature. That means you won’t find them on Dyson’s official websites.

Instead, you’ll have to shop around to buy them from third-party brands and manufacturers.

The best way to find them is by checking online, particularly on reputable e-commerce websites. 

Alternatively, you can ask local Dyson vacuum dealers and repairers. They’re the most likely people to know where to get accessories and parts for your Dyson vacuum, including these trigger locks.

How Do You Use The Trigger Lock On A Dyson Vacuum?

Many different third-party manufacturers make Dyson vacuum trigger locks. That also means these locks use many different mechanisms to work. Some mechanisms are incredibly simple, while others are a bit more complex.

For example, the simplest and most straightforward Dyson vacuum trigger lock you’ll find consists of a plastic clamp. That type works by attaching it directly to the vacuum trigger each time you want to lock it down.

Conversely, you’ll have to remove it from the trigger when you’re done. Then, you can attach it to another part of the vacuum for safekeeping until you want to use it again.

Meanwhile, some of the more complex trigger locks attach directly to the trigger. However, you can engage or disengage the lock by moving a small lever. 

As you can imagine, that type of trigger lock has moving parts and more complex designs and therefore costs more to purchase.

Are Dyson Vacuum Trigger Locks Universal?

No, Dyson vacuum trigger locks are not universal. That’s because these vacuum models have different designs and won’t necessarily fit any trigger lock that you buy.

So, it’s always best to do your research before buying a trigger lock for your vacuum. Ensure that it’s compatible with your particular vacuum model.

If you’re not sure, always ask the seller before making a purchase.

There Are Some Drawbacks Too

I want to make it clear that this gadget is not an official part of Dyson. Additionally, using the lock button on the Dyson vacuum can lead to a decrease in battery life since the vacuum cleaner remains on.

I’ve noticed that the button is very sensitive and the vacuum cleaner turns on with even the slightest movement, even if you haven’t used it for a while.

This could be dangerous, so I suggest removing the Trigger Lock when cleaning the Dyson stick vacuum to prevent any accidental turning on.

Bottom Line: Should You Get A Dyson Vacuum Trigger Lock?

When you weigh the average cost of a vacuum trigger lock against its benefits, it’s clear that the accessory is worth buying. 

Sure, you can continue using your Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner fine even without such handy gadget as an accessory. But using one will enhance your experience and make it more convenient to vacuum much longer in one go.

So, the trigger lock is a worthwhile investment. But as always, be sure to find one compatible with your vacuum model before making your purchase!

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