Dyson Vacuum Won’t TURN ON: Why and How To Fix

Generally, Dyson Vacuum don’t turn on due to tripped circuit breaker, a clogged filter, an overheated motor or a loose or broken power cord.

Dyson vacuums are the highest-rated vacuums available in today’s market. They are among the best-performing vacuums with modern designs, accessories, and features. What do you do when your Dyson vacuum won’t turn on?  

It is possible to diagnose and possibly fix the issue yourself. Checking a few simple issues with your Dyson can restore the power and get it running again. 

Below we will look at a few common issues with Dyson vacuums and how to fix them.

Why is My Dyson Vacuum Not Turning On?

Dyson not turning on

If your Dyson vacuum isn’t turning on, there are several possible causes. The most common causes include a tripped circuit breaker, a clogged filter, an overheated motor or a loose or broken power cord. (1)

Tripped Circuit Breaker

If your vacuum is plugged into a wall outlet, the circuit breaker could be tripped or blown. Check your home’s circuit breaker box and reset any tripped breakers.

Make sure that all other devices plugged into the same outlet are functioning properly, as well.

Clogged Filter

A clogged filter can cause your Dyson vacuum to shut off unexpectedly. The filter should be checked and cleaned regularly.

Overheated Motor

If the motor of your vacuum is not properly ventilated, it can become overheated. This can cause the vacuum to shut down until it cools off.

Make sure that the motor is not obstructed by any nearby furniture or other objects causing overheating in vacuum.

Loose or Broken Power Cord

If the power cord of your vacuum appears to be worn, cracked, frayed or otherwise damaged, it should be replaced immediately. Also, check for loose power cord connection at the plug and wall outlet.

Once you have checked all these components and corrected any issues, your Dyson vacuum should be ready to use again.

How To Fix Dyson Vacuum That Won’t Turn On Problem?

There are a few issues that will cause your Dyson vacuum not to power on when  the button is pushed.

Below are some common issues with Dyson vacuums to help you find the cause of your vacuum not turning on.  

Corded Dyson Vacuum Issues 

Broken Power Cord

A loose or broken power cord on your Dyson vacuum will cause it not to power on when it is plugged in. Inspecting the power cord of your vacuum will ensure there is no damage, broken, or cut wires.

If there are any issues with the power cord of your vacuum they need to be repaired or the power cord will need to be replaced. 

However, if there is no damage to the cord, you will need to inspect the plug and the prongs of the plug. If the prongs are loose or damaged they can prevent your Dyson from powering on. 

Blown fuse

fuse is blown

Every Dyson vacuum has a fuse inside of it. This fuse is designed to prevent damage to the electronic equipment inside the vacuum from receiving too much current. If this fuse is blown it will prevent the vacuum from working.

Having the fuse blown in a Dyson vacuum is rare and can indicate further damage to the electronics inside. 

Since this fuse is located inside the Dyson vacuum it will be necessary to have your vacuum serviced by Dyson or an experienced repairman to have it replaced with the correct fuse. 

Motor Overheating

motor overheated

If you are vacuuming and your Dyson suddenly stops it may indicate that the motor has overheated.

Place your hand on the outer plastic of the vacuum and feel if it is hot. If your vacuum feels hot to the touch this can indicate the motor has overheated. 

If your vacuum has overheated, you will need to give it ample time to cool before it will reset and be able to turn back on. 

Cordless Dyson Vacuum Issues And How To Fix Them

Dyson Battery Charge

If you have a cordless vacuum, ensure the battery has ample charge to power the machine. If you are unsure the battery is charged properly, plug the battery or the battery into the charger and allow it to charge. 

After charging the battery, plug it back into your machine and see if the vacuum can operate normally.

Damaged Battery

If you have charged the battery for your Dyson vacuum, and it still is not powering your Dyson vacuum it may be damaged. Check the outer case for any damage. If there is damage to the case of your battery, you will need to get a replacement battery for your machine. 

However, if you have a removable battery that is under warranty you may be able to obtain one when you contact Dyson support service center.

If your battery is not removable you will need to take your vacuum to a Dyson repair center to have the battery replaced.  

Does your vacuum is under warranty? If yes, they are unable to replace the battery, you may have the option of receiving a replacement vacuum.

Why Does My Vacuum Cleaner Suddenly Stopped Working?

There can be several reasons why your vacuum cleaner suddenly stopped working. The most common cause is clogged dyson filters or dirt-filled bag.

To check this, remove and clean the filter/bag and see if the issue is resolved. If not, you may need to check the power cord and make sure it’s plugged in correctly.

If all else fails, you will need to take your vacuum cleaner to a professional repair service. It is important to make sure it is serviced regularly and that the Dyson vacuum filter is being changed once a year, this will help keep your vacuum cleaner working properly for many years.

What Causes Dyson To Stop-Start?

The most common cause for a Dyson vacuum to start and then stop is a blockage in the vacuum hose or wand, which prevents air from flowing freely. The dirty filters can also lead to low or no air flow to the vacuum.

Another reason is when the filter becomes clogged, it reduces suction and airflow. Also, if the dust bin isn’t emptied regularly it can lead to a lack of airflow.

However, if you Dyson turns on and off continuously , check our troubleshooting guide on how to fix a Dyson vacuum that keeps turning off.

Other Dyson Vacuums Problems And How To Fix Them

The following issues will affect corded and cordless Dyson vacuums.

Clogged Airway

If the pathway of your Dyson vacuum is clogged it can force the motor of your vacuum to compensate and cause it to overheat.

If your Dyson vacuum has issues and frequently overheats you will need to clear the obstruction to get your Dyson vacuum working properly.  

Clearing Blockages in Dyson Vacuums

We will look at how to clear common blockages found in Dyson vacuums

Hose and Wand

The most common area for a blockage in a Dyson vacuum is the suction hose and wand. Remove the hose from the vacuum and inspect it to see if you observe any clogs in the hose. If you do observe a clog, be careful when you remove the clog to avoid damaging the hose in the process. 

Inspect the wand in the same manner as the hose and remove any blockages you find in it. 

Hose Connection

The part of the vacuum that the hose connects is a constant point of clogging on any vacuum. When you remove or replace the hose inspect this area to ensure there are no clogs or dirt build-up. 

Cleaning Head

The brush roll on the cleaning head will need cleaning and maintenance. It can become clogged by hair or other debris picked up during vacuuming.

A clogged cleaning head can cause the motor to overheat or damage the belt driving the roller. Clean any hair or debris caught on the roller or cleaning head to ensure your Dyson vacuum can perform properly. 

You can remove the roller brush by swiveling the fasteners holding it in place and releasing the bottom plate. This will allow you to completely remove the roller for cleaning.

You may use mild soap and water to clean the roller but allow for it to completely dry before replacing it in the machine and vacuuming again.

How Do You Reset Your Dyson Vacuum?

To reset your Dyson, you will need to locate the reset button on your vacuum. This can usually be found near the power cord or power switch.

Once you have located the reset button, press and hold it for 5 seconds. After doing this, your Dyson should be successfully reset and ready for use again.

Be sure to also check your user manual for instructions specific to your vacuum model. (You can easily check your Dyson model using our Guide “Which Dyson Model Do I have?)

If the reset does not work, you can also try unplugging your Dyson and then plugging it back in after a few minutes. This should also reset your machine and help restore it to normal functioning.

Get To Know The Flashing Lights Color & Patterns

Dyson vacuums have troubleshooting lights on their handles. These lights will tell you the issues that your Dyson vacuum is experiencing.

We will cover what these lights mean and how to fix the issues that are causing these lights.  

Flashing Blue Light

A flashing blue light can indicate the battery for your Dyson vacuum is low and needs to be charged. If the vacuum is plugged in it should turn to amber to indicate that it is charging.

If the light still flashs or does not indicate it is charging, your vacuum will need to be serviced to fix the issue. 

Solid Blue Light

If the blue light on your Dyson remains illuminated pressing the MAX button on your vacuum will cause the light to flash. The flashes will indicate the issue with your vacuum. 

Seven flashes will indicate that the vacuum is cold and needs to warm up. Eight flashes will indicate it is too warm and needs to cool down.

Eleven flashes will indicate a clog. See the related section on clogs to remove the clog from your Dyson vacuum. 

Flashing Red Lights 

If your Dyson’s red light is flashing this is an indication of a serious issue with your machine. You will need to have it serviced by a technician to resolve the issues. 

Final Thoughts

Solving the question of my Dyson vacuum won’t turn on what and how to fix is an easy task with a few diagnostic steps. Understanding the issues and what causes it will ensure you can clear small problems or get your Dyson vacuum serviced by a professional if there are major issues.

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