9 Common Emerson TV Blink Codes & What They Mean!

Emerson TVs are great, but like other electronic devices, they do have their flaws. The most common of them is the red and green blinking light, which are meant to let users know of the problem that it is having.

But do you know what the different blinking light codes on Emerson TVs mean?

Probably not!

I know this because even being a tech enthusiast, I didn’t know what these freaking light codes meant.

And if you are a person who is not so tech-friendly, the chances of knowing the meaning of these red and green blinking light patterns are minimal.

So, I am writing this guide to let all the Emerson TV users know that these light codes are something that you can quickly fix yourself.

But, How?

What Does the Blinking Light Codes on Emerson TV Mean?

Generally, the red light on Emerson TV blinks once to let you know that the TV is powering Off. However, if the red light is blinking 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7, it means that the TV is facing some electrical issues. The green light blinking 13 times means that the problem is with the power supply.

Here’s an overview of blinking light color, the number of light flashes, and the related issues.

Blinking Light ColorNumber of BlinksExplanation
Red1TV is Powering OFF (No Issue at all).
Red2Problem is with the Power Board.
Red3Faulty Main Logic Board.
Red4Worn Out Wire on Inverter Board or Bad Capacitors.
Red5Faulty Main Logic Board or Infrared Sensors or Inadequate Power Supply.
Red6Faulty Inverter Board or Power Board.
Red7Overheating of the Electrical System.
Green13Power Supply Problem, Current Shortage
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So, when you see a blinking light on your Emerson TV, it leads us to 9 common problems. They are:

  1. Problem with the Power Board.
  2. Faulty Main Board.
  3. Bad Capacitors.
  4. TV Not Getting Enough Power Supply.
  5. Worn out Inverter Board wires.
  6. Faulty Infrared sensors.
  7. Overheating.
  8. Power Supply Problem or Current Shortage.
  9. TV is Outdated.

Each of these issues corresponds to a specific light code. Let’s delve into the details below to know the exact reasons and how to fix these blink code issues on Emerson TVs.

1. Problem With the Power Board

Problem With the Power Board

Emerson TVs have many boards inside their casing that keep the TV running.

The power board is one of those boards that’s responsible for your TV getting ON and OFF. If this board has some issues, it’s a bigger problem and requires an expert technician to fix it.

The Emerson TV will blink red light 2 or 6 times when there’s a problem with the power board.


If you are in this situation, call a certified technician from Emerson TV to solve this issue, as they often suggest a power board replacement as an effective solution.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Customer Support team at Emerson for expert guidance on the replacement process. Each Emerson television model comes with a unique warranty, so there’s a probability that both parts and labor costs may be covered under the warranty!

Also, you should know that if you remove the Emerson TV back cover and attempt a DIY fix, your warranty may be voided.

2. Faulty Main Board

3 or 5 times flashing red lights on Emerson TVs

Another critical component of your Emerson TV is the Mainboard, which has multiple circuits to keep different parts of the television working.

If the main board starts malfunctioning, you will observe 3 or 5 times flashing red lights on Emerson TVs.

I have also observed that the TV gets powered on for a moment and then turns off after 30 seconds without any picture or sound.

The main path for power surges into the device is through the core board’s audio and video connectors, and an overload of voltage can cause the entire system to fail.


If you don’t want to void your Emerson TV warranty, seek assistance from a professional.

But before that, ensure that the issue isn’t with your power outlets; you can do this by plugging your TV cord into a different socket. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you should get your main board replaced by an expert Emerson TV service technician.

If your TV is under warranty, it’s recommended to contact Customer Support, as they may be able to schedule a repair without any charge.

3. Bad Capacitors

4 red light blinks on emerson tv

Capacitors serve as energy reservoirs, holding electrical energy within your Emerson TV’s electrical circuit. A single TV can have multiple capacitors, each one releasing the necessary amount of electricity as needed.

If any capacitor malfunctions, you’ll notice four flashing red lights. In such cases, you may still be able to switch on your TV and hear audio, but there won’t be any visual output.

If you notice a dim screen, an unusual screen, or a slow TV power-up, it means that your TV capacitors are about to get bad.

Note: The four times red blinking light could also indicate worn-out inverter board wires.


Finding out which capacitor is faulty could be very tricky, and therefore, you should only try to fix this yourself if you are a pro at it.

A single capacitor can hold a substantial amount of electrical energy, posing a high risk even when your television is switched off.

I will always recommend letting a professional equipped with safety gloves manage these components.

An expert technician can accurately identify and replace any defective capacitors, ensuring your TV swiftly returns to optimal performance.

4. TV Not Getting Enough Power Supply

TV Not Getting Enough Power Supply

There are several reasons why your Emerson TV is not getting enough power supply, such as loose cable cords, an issue with surge protectors, or a power outage.

Your Emerson TV will show a red light blinking five times when it doesn’t get enough power supply.


Make sure that both the cables (the back of your TV and the power socket) are correctly connected. A loose cord can disrupt the flow of electricity to your television.

Try to minimize the use of surge protectors, as they can weaken the flow of electricity. Use short cables that are slightly loose; the farther the power has to travel, the weaker it becomes.

In case of a power outage, reach out to your Internet Service Provider or check their website to determine the estimated time to get power back. In such situations, patience is your best ally.

5. Worn out Inverter Board Wires

six red light blinks

The inverter board powers the backlight on your Emerson TV, and worn-out wires on this board are bad news.

If your Emerson TV fails to power up and you notice the red light flashing six times, it’s a strong indicator that the fault is with the inverter board.

You may see a distorted image, a dim display, or a complete lack of power, which might make you think that the capacitors are at fault, but the number of red light flashes will help you identify this issue correctly.


To fix this problem with your Emerson TV, you will have to replace your inverter board, which requires professional experience.

Like other board issues, trying to replace the inverter board yourself could be dangerous; however, a pro will troubleshoot your Emerson TV using an inverter board replacement kit.

6. Faulty Infrared Sensors

five red lights blinks emerson tv

Infrared sensors are responsible for switching your Emerson TV on and off. These sensors enable communication between your remote and television by receiving and interpreting the infrared signals emitted by your remote.

You can’t use your TV remote when these sensors are faulty. You can identify this issue in two ways – either you can only power on the TV manually, or you’ll notice five red lights flashing while trying to use your remote.


The first thing you should do is clean the IR on your remote and the IR sensor on your Emerson television. Also, ensure that nothing is blocking the remote signals. You can clean these using alcohol and cotton swabs or compressed air. 

Also, replace the remote batteries and check whether your remote is working. Sometimes, a low battery can also be a cause why your TV is not receiving IR remote signals.

7. Overheating

Overheating of the electrical system

Your Emerson TV won’t turn on when the wiring and other internal components get too hot. Your Emerson TV will indicate this by a red light blinking seven times

Another clear sign is when the rear part of your TV becomes hot or when hot air is coming out from the ventilation openings.


You can only fix this by letting your Emerson TV cool down. Simply disconnect the TV from the power cable or use a hair dryer to blow cool air.

Also, I have seen that within 20-30 minutes, all the TV components cool down.

If your TV is exposed to direct sunlight or excessive heat, consider relocating it to a cooler spot with ample shade.

8. Power Supply Problem or Current Shortage

Power Supply Problem or Current Shortage

When there’s something wrong with Emerson TV power supply or an interruption in supply leading to a shortage of current, you will see 13 green blinks.


You can fix the power supply problem with your Emerson television by confirming the power outlet is working correctly.

Or, you may have to change the internal cell battery of the TV.

9. TV is Outdated

Sometimes, your TV is just too old, and therefore, new software versions are not compatible with your TV, resulting in several issues now and then and also leading to a blinking red light.


If you’ve tried all possible solutions and your television is still not functioning correctly, it’s time to replace your TV.

You can get a plethora of options, from 26-inch models to 50+ inches Emerson TV models! Replacing your current Emerson TV with a newer model could be the perfect solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn on my Emerson TV without the remote?

To power on your Emerson TV without a remote, look for the physical buttons located at the bottom or side of the TV and press the power button.

Why won’t my TV turn on, but the red light is blinking?

If your Emerson TV won’t turn on, but the red light is blinking, it usually indicates a power supply issue or a malfunction in the main board. You should seek professional help or contact Emerson TV support for further assistance.

Why is my TV not starting with the remote?

If your TV isn’t responding to the remote, it could be due to dead batteries or an obstruction blocking the remote sensor on the TV. Try replacing the remote batteries and ensure there’s a clear line of sight between the remote and the TV sensor.

Why does my Emerson TV have a blinking green light?

A blinking green light on your Emerson TV typically indicates a system update or reset. However, if the light continues to blink without the TV turning on, it could be a sign of a more serious internal issue leading to a current shortage or power supply problem.

Key Takeaways

  • There are several potential causes for blinking red lights issues on Emerson TV, such as power board faults, main board malfunctions, faulty capacitors, inadequate power supply, worn-out inverter board wires, infrared sensor glitches, an overheated electrical system, and out-of-date TV software.
  • Interestingly, each blinking red light code signifies a specific problem.

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