How To Change The Aspect Ratio on Emerson TV?

Sometimes, the display screen size on Emerson TV changes when you connect an external DVD player or gaming console to it.

I was in the same situation last month when I was connecting an Xbox to my Emerson TV. My TV screen size became too small but can also become too big (reported by several users). 

You can adjust the screen size most of the time, but sometimes, you can’t do anything if the video signals are formatted in that specific display size.

You can fix your zoomed screen on Emerson TV by using your settings menu, restarting your Emerson TV or resetting it. You can also fix this issue by pressing the Format button on your remote control.

This guide will help you fix the screen size issues and also help you understand the aspect ratio and how to change it quickly.

Why is My Emerson TV Screen Zoomed in?

Why is My Emerson TV Screen Zoomed in

Your Emerson TV Screen can get zoomed in when something is wrong with the TV display settings.

And this happens when you accidentally misplace your remote or when someone changes the display settings by mistake.

Let’s understand this with an example of when that happened to me. I found my TV remote stuck between the cracks of my couch. So, the screen size accidentally zoomed in.

However, adjusting the screen to normal only took a few minutes since the Emerson TV has preset aspect ratios.

How To Change Emerson TV Aspect Ratio Using Remote Control?

how to change the aspect ratio on emerson tv

To change the Emerson TV aspect ratio using remote control:

  • Press the ‘Menu’ button on your Emerson remote.
  • Go to ‘Picture Settings’.
  • Choose the ‘Picture Size’ that fits your Emerson TV screen.

What if My Emerson Remote Control doesn’t have a Menu button?

If your Emerson TV remote doesn’t have a “Menu” button, your remote would have a “Format”, “Screen Mode” or “Picture Size” button.

All three buttons serve the same purpose, i.e., to adjust the screen display size.

Press any of these buttons available on your remote control to adjust the Emerson TV aspect ratio.

How To Change Changing Aspect Ratio On Emerson TV without Remote?

Unfortunately, you can’t change the aspect ratio on Emerson TV without the original Emerson remote control.

You can change the settings using a virtual remote from your smartphone or tablet.

For this,

  • Install the WatchON App on your phone.
  • Go to Settings, and from there, change the display mode.

Aspect Ratio Options On Emerson TV

The 4:3 (standard) and 16:9 (wide-screen) are Emerson TVs’ commonly used aspect ratios.

Usually, there are 4 different aspect ratios to choose from for a broadcasting station sending 4:3 or 16:9 video signals.

  • For 4:3 Video Signal – The four aspect ratios to choose from are Sidebar, Full, Wide and Cinema.
  • For 16:9 Video Signal – The four aspect ratios present are Full, Zoom, Expand and Cinema.

Remember that you can’t always change the Emerson TV display mode as it depends on the program displayed.

Troubleshooting Methods To Adjust Your Emerson TV Screen Size

If you are experiencing an error while adjusting your Emerson TV’s screen size, you’ll have to go through troubleshooting methods.

Restart Your Emerson TV

restart your emerson tv

Restarting your Emerson TV is a straightforward process, but you have to follow the below steps here.

  1. Turn Off Your TV by pressing the power button on your Emerson remote control.
  2. Unplug your Emerson TV from the wall outlet (power source).
  3. Wait for a few minutes and let the TV cool off.
  4. Plug your Emerson TV back into the wall outlet and press the power button to turn on your TV.

You can now change the Emerson TV aspect ratio by using the Format”, “Screen Mode” or “Picture Size” buttons on your remote.

Remove The Small Screen (PIP) from Your Emerson TV

Sometimes, Picture in Picture (PIP) can accidentally get activated on your TV, which reduces the screen size.

This can, however, be beneficial when you are doing other things and want to keep watching your favorite shows.

If you want to remove this, you need to find the PIP button on your TV remote and press that button 3 times.

Factory Reset Your Emerson TV

Factory Reset Your Emerson TV

If you are still facing problems adjusting the screen size on Emerson TV, factory resetting your Emerson TV is the last method to try.

The factory reset will remove all the temporary technical glitches causing the problem.

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Find the reset button on the back of your Emerson TV. (Check our article “Where is The Reset Button on My Emerson TV” to find the reset button)
  • Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds using a safety pin or pointed object.
  • Wait for your Emerson TV to restart.

Once the TV restarts, the aspect ratio will return to the normal mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make your Emerson TV full screen?

To make your Emerson TV full screen, simply press the “Format” or “Screen Mode” button on the Emerson remote control to switch between the different screen sizes. Keep pressing the button until you have the full-screen display.

What should I do if my Emerson TV’s picture size is not adjustable?

If your Emerson TV picture size is not adjustable, then it is either due to an issue with the device settings or the broadcasting station has restricted the screen display size change.

You can easily fix device settings issues by switching between the different aspect ratios.


It can really be difficult to watch your favorite shows on a Zoomed in or zoomed out TV screen. But you can easily fix this problem with your Emerson TV by changing its aspect ratio.

However, if none of the methods mentioned in this article solves your problem, you must contact Emerson customer support for further assistance.

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