How To Connect Eufy Robovac To WIFI? Step-By-Step Guide

I know how it feels when you buy your first robot vacuum and want to send it to the cleaning job, but the robot vacuum still needs to connect to the WiFi. 

Connecting the Eufy robovac to your WiFi network becomes easy when you know the exact steps or have a handy step-by-step guide. Through this article, I want to solve the problem you face while connecting your Eufy vacuum and also bring a handy guide to you that you can always use.

So, in this article, you will learn how to connect your Eufy RoboVac to WiFi (for Android and iOS) in this step-by-step guide. 

Also, I have provided a complete step-by-step guide to connect the Eufy Robovac X8 series to WiFi.

How To Setup Eufy Robovac on WIFI?

Before you start setting up your Eufy Robovac, you must do a few checks.

Make sure your smartphone is connected to your home network. If you’re using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), turn it off during this process.

Check that your Robovac is either fully charged or connected to its charger. The main power switch should also be turned on.

The WiFi status indicator on the Robovac should be flashing blue slowly. This indicates that the WiFi connection is ready to be set up or has been reset. 

If it’s blinking blue rapidly, your network connection may have a problem, preventing the Robovac from connecting. A solid blue light means the Robovac is already connected to the network.

When connecting your Eufy Robovac to your home network, ensure you enter the correct password for your network. Turn off any active VPN or proxy server and confirm that your router’s frequency band is set to 2.4GHz.

On your phone, enable Bluetooth and Location services under the settings. Also, ensure your mobile data is switched off.

Once these steps are completed, you can connect your Eufy Robovac to your WiFi network without any issues.

Here are the steps to set up Eufy Robovac on WiFi.

  • Install the Eufy Home App on your Android or iOS device.
  • Create your Eufy Account. (Follow on-screen instructions)
  • Once you have created the account, log in to your Eufy account and select “Robot Vacuum.”
  • Choose your Robovac model from the list.
  • Select your WiFi and enter the password to connect.
  • Click on “Confirm” if you see the status light flashing slowly.
  • Go to “WiFi Settings” and select your vacuum from the list.
  • Congrats! Your Eufy vacuum is connected to the WiFi.

Connecting RoboVac Through an Android Phone

Connecting RoboVac Through an Android Phone

Before connecting your RoboVac through your Android smartphone, make sure you have installed the EufyHome App from the Play Store and set up your account.

(I have already provided a detailed step-by-step guide on how to set up Robovac on WiFi above.)

  • Open the EufyHome App and choose Robotic Vacuums. Also, turn on your Robovac.
  • Next, choose the robot model from the list provided.
  • Now, you must connect through the 2.4GHZ network (robovacs use 2.4GHZ). Select the network and enter the WiFi password.
  • The LED WiFi signal indicator will start blinking slowly.
  • Confirm the status and Tap on Next.
  • Select your Robovac from the list. In case of a blank list, click on “Refresh.”
  • Wait patiently for a few minutes, as the App will need some time to connect to the Robovac.
  • Once it connects to the WiFi, you can rename your Robovac (choose a name and hit ‘save’).

Connecting RoboVac Through an iOS device (iPhone + iPad)

Connecting RoboVac Through an iPhone

Here’ how you can connect your Eufy Robovac through your iPhone/iPad:

  • Install the Eufy Home App from the App store and create your account.
  • Launch the Eufy App and click the “+” (add device) icon.
  • Choose Robotic vacuums and select your Robovac model.
  • Select the network you wish to connect to and enter the correct password.
  • Now, power ON your robot vacuum and verify that the WiFi indicator is slowly pulsing blue. If it isn’t, reset the device. (check our guide on how to reset Eufy robovac).
  • Choose your robovac from the provided list. Refresh the page if no device appears initially.
  • Wait for some time – a pop-up message will appear instructing you to “Go to WiFi settings.” Click on the pop-up to be redirected to your WiFi settings.
  • Select the one named “Eufy RoboVac…”. Once the connection is established, use the back button to return to the EufyHome app.
  • Select the Eufy Robovac again within the EufyHome app. Allow time for the connection to be established and complete your setup.
  • After successfully adding your device, you can assign it a name or keep the default one. Save the name and confirm your connection by clicking ‘Ok’. 

Congratulations! You have now successfully connected your robovac to your network. 

Here’s a quick video showing the complete setup process.

How To Connect Eufy X8 Series To WiFi?

How To Connect Eufy X8 Series To WiF

The steps to connect Robovac with WiFi, discussed above, work for all the Eufy robot vacuum models except the Eufy X8 series.

The steps to connect the eufy X8 series differ from enabling location services and turning on Bluetooth.

Also, like other Robovac models, the x8 series requires a 2.4GHz WiFi band. But,

  1. Verify that the WiFi icon is in set-up mode, indicated by a slow flashing light.
  2. If it’s not in set-up mode, reset the WiFi by pressing the recharge and spot clean buttons simultaneously for around 5 seconds.
  3. Wait for an audio prompt that signals a successful WiFi reset.

Here are steps to connect Eufy X8 to WiFi:

  1. Make sure to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. Also, provide Eufy App permission to access Bluetooth.
  2. Now, Install and open the Eufy Clean App.
  3. Select Add Device and Choose Robotic vacuum > X8 series.
  4. If prompted, allow app permission and grant access to location service.
  5. The Eufy App will search the devices and automatically find your robovac.
  6. Click on the “+” icon and enter the WiFi password.
  7. Congrats! Your Eufy X8 series has been successfully connected to the network.

How Do I Reset My EUFY Robovac Wi-Fi?

Resetting the WiFi network fixes many bugs or glitches you can have with your network. Here’s how you can reset WiFi on Eufy RoboVac:

  • Open the EufyHome Application on your device.
  • Go to the “Settings“.
  • Select the “Network” option.
  • In the Network settings, find and tap on “Reset Network.”
  • This resets your entire Eufy network, so make sure to reconnect all your Eufy devices again.

How To Change WiFi on Eufy RoboVac?

Here’s how you can change WiFi on Eufy RoboVac:

  • Launch your EufyHome Application on your device.
  • Navigate through the following options: Menu > RoboVac > More > WiFi Settings.
  • Choose the new WiFi network you wish to connect to your RoboVac.
  • Enter the WiFi network password.
  • You will get the successful connection message on the App once it connects.

How To Fix Eufy Robovac Connection Error?

To fix a Eufy Robovac connection error problem, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that the RoboVac is correctly plugged into a working power outlet.
  • Also, make sure that your Robovac is connected to your home’s WiFi network.
  • If you still see the connection error message, try resetting your robovac. You can do this by pressing and holding the reset button for 3 seconds.
  • If the connection error message is still there, contact Eufy’s customer support service for help.

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