How To Reset Shark Robot Vacuum?

You can reset the Shark Robot vacuum by either pressing the power button (available on the back) on your Shark Ion Robot for 10 seconds or using the Shark Clean app for a factory reset.

Shark robot vacuums are really helpful when it comes to keeping your home clean. The robot vacuum can go on its cleaning duty without disturbing you, but sometimes, it can have some problems, and you will need to fix them. Knowing how to reset the shark vacuum could be a great help in those conditions.

This article will help you learn the exact steps to reset a shark ION robot and why and when to reset your shark robot.

Why To Reset Shark Robot Vacuum?

You should reset your Shark Robot Vacuum to troubleshoot and solve minor issues such as connectivity problems, poor cleaning performance, or unresponsiveness. It restores the device to its original settings and removes any temporary glitches.

Also, resetting the shark vacuum will remove all the previously saved schedules and settings. So, you should always use this troubleshooting method when nothing solves your problem.

When To Reset Shark Ion Robot Vacuum?

You should reset your Shark Robot when you need to troubleshoot your vacuum. It resolves technical or software issues that may lead to malfunctions, connectivity problems with Wi-Fi, or charging issues (when your shark robot isn’t charging).

A hard reset restores your original factory and default settings of your Shark Vacuum.

Here are a few scenarios when factory reset is highly recommended:

  • Shark Robot is Not Connecting to Wifi– If your Shark Robot fails to connect to Wi-Fi despite being docked, powered on, and within range of a 2.4 GHz network, it might require a factory reset.
  • Software Issues– Your robot can also exhibit unusual behavior, like cleaning at odd times or erasing schedules, indicating possible memory overload. In such cases, a reset could be necessary to rectify these software issues.
  • When transferring ownership of the robot – It’s recommended to erase all existing data and configurations before handing over your robot vacuum to a new person. This allows the new owner to start fresh and customize the robot to their liking without inheriting previous settings.

How To Reset Shark Ion Robot Vacuum?

resetting shark robot vacuum

There are two ways to reset your Shark ION robot vacuum. They are

  1. Reset Using The Shark Clean App.
  2. Reset Manually through the shark robot.

Reset Using The Shark Clean APP

Reset Using The Shark Clean APP

I would recommend you reset your shark robot using the Shark Clean app. This method cleans all the data stored on the cloud, like maps, schedules, and Wi-Fi settings.

Remember that once the factory reset is complete, your robot vacuum will also get disconnected from the app.

Here are simple steps to factory reset your shark robot vacuums:

  1. Open the Shark Clean app on your smartphone or tab.
  2. Navigate to the “Settings”.
  3. Choose “Factory Reset” from the menu list.
  4. Your Shark robot will take a few minutes to reset and reboot.

Voila! Your shark robot has been restored to the factory settings. Now, you can reconnect your shark ion robot to wifi. (Check our guide on how to connect the shark ion robot vacuum to wifi.)

How To Reset Shark Robot Vacuum Without App? (Manual Method)

You can also reset your shark robot manually when your shark vacuum is not connecting to your WIFI network. But remember that resetting manually will not clear the saved data to the cloud.

Here are the steps to reset your shark robot manually:

  • Turn the robot upside down and find the power button.
  • Power off the Shark robot by pressing and holding the power button for about 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds, power on your robot. This will reset the shark robot, and it will power back on.

How Often Should I Perform A Factory Reset?

How Often Should I Perform A Factory Reset

The frequency of performing a factory reset on your Shark robot vacuum depends on its usage.

If your home has a lot of foot traffic, it’s recommended to reset the vacuum every few months. This prevents memory overload and ensures the vacuum operates effectively.

However, if the vacuum is used in less crowded areas, you can wait longer between resets. Periodically giving your vacuum a fresh start helps maintain its optimal performance.

Resetting your Shark robot vacuum isn’t a complicated process and can be done in a few minutes.

Can You Reset The Shark Robot Vacuum Without Unplugging It?

Yes, you can reset your Shark robot vacuum without unplugging it from the power source. There’s no need to worry about power loss or disrupting any settings; all you need is the correct procedure.

You can press and hold certain buttons or use voice instructions. However, it depends on the model you are resetting.

Additionally, you can also reset your shark vacuum via the Shark Clean application on your mobile device or tablet.

How Do I Know If The Reset Has Been Successful?

Here are the straightforward methods to confirm that your Shark Robot Vacuum has been successfully reset.

  1. Inspect the vacuum’s LED light. If it displays a green color, it signifies a successful reset.
  2. If you didn’t see the green LED light, try disconnecting the vacuum from the power source and reconnecting it. You can also manually switch it off and on.

You should reach out to customer support for help if these steps don’t work.

Ensuring your Shark Robot Vacuum is accurately reset will assure you of its optimal performance. So, it’s worth taking the extra effort to verify the success of your reset; it will save you time and extra hassle.

How Do I Reboot The Shark AI Robot?

To reboot the Shark AI robot, 

  1. Toggle the power button to the OFF position for 10 seconds. (The power button is available on the side of the Shark AI Robot.)
  2. Press the power button again to turn the power back ON.

How To Reset Shark Cordless Vacuum?

If you have a Shark cordless vacuum that needs to be reset, follow these steps:

  1. Find the power button on your vacuum and press and hold the button for 10 to 15 seconds.
  2. After 10-15 seconds, release the button and switch your vacuum back on.

Your Shark cordless vacuum should now be reset. If you’re still having problems with it, make sure to check if there’s anything stuck in the hoses, if the filters are dirty, or if something is wrapped around the brushes. These things can cause your vacuum not to work properly.

What if My Shark Robot Still isn’t Working?

Generally, a reset fixes most of your shark robot issues. But if your shark ION is still not working there could be other problems that need your attention.

The Shark Ion Robot has a unique way of communicating with you – it uses a series of LED flashing lights to tell you exactly what’s wrong with it.

If you see the Clean RED/MAX lights blinking together, your dust bin might be out of place. Check and ensure its securely placed in. If you notice “!” symbol flashing on your robot, it’s just indicating a particular error that needs your attention.

Dive into the handy table below, where we’ve broken down the various error code signals from your Shark Ion R75, helping you decode its language and understand what each blinking light means, the possible issues and the troubleshooting steps.

ErrorPossible IssueTroubleshooting Steps
Flashing Clean(Red) + !Suction Motor FailureInspect for obstructions, ensure filters are clean, check the dustbin for blockages. Pet hair or other debris could be an issue.
Flashing MAX + !Side Brush is StuckInspect for clogged brushes. Debris or pet hair could be causing the issue.
Flashing Clean(Red) + MAX + !Drive Wheel JammedCheck if any debris has obstructed the wheel mechanism.
Flashing Clean + Dock + MAX + !Problem with Other WheelsInspect for hair or debris. Test the wheels by pressing down on them. If they are unobstructed, they should bounce back up.
Flashing Dock + MAX + !Brush Roll JammedLook for any debris that could be jamming the device.
Flashing Clean(Red) + DockCliff Sensors Not Working or Startup ErrorThe sensors, located beneath the unit, may need cleaning. Use a dry cloth or duster. If the robot can’t start due to an error, turn it off using the Power switch, then restart it on a flat surface.
Dock Light Flashing Problem with Bot Boundary Sensors Contact Shark Customer Support.
All LED Lights Off Vacuum Needs Charging/It’s Not Turned ON Put your Shark Robot on the Dock for charging or Turn it on.
Errors on Shark ION Robot vacumm cleaner. copyright@hometechinside

Key Takeaways

Resetting your Shark Robot can be an effective way to troubleshoot and solve minor issues such as connectivity problems, poor cleaning performance, or unresponsiveness.

There are two ways to reset the device – manually pressing the power button on the robot for 10 seconds or using the Shark Clean app for a factory reset.

After the reset, check for a green LED light to confirm the reset has been successful.

Remember, a factory reset will erase all previously saved schedules and settings, restoring the device to its original settings. This is particularly useful if you’re experiencing software issues, transferring ownership of the robot, or if your device fails to connect to Wi-Fi.

However, if your Shark robot vacuum still isn’t working after a reset, it might be time to reach out to customer support for assistance.

Remember, your Shark Ion Robot uses LED flashing lights to communicate various issues – learning what each signal means can help you troubleshoot effectively.

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