Lorex Camera Offline: The Troubleshooting Guide You Need!

To troubleshoot an offline Lorex camera, try restarting the camera and reinstalling the Lorex Home app. Recharge the camera battery pack, double-check the power cable, and performing a power cycle may also fix the issue. Ensure your Wi-Fi signal is strong and put your camera near your Lorex Home Center.

When you become the proud owner of a Lorex camera, it is often linked to buying a Lorex home security center. What should you do if and when your camera goes offline? Here are all of the best ways to troubleshoot your Lorex camera to get it up and running smoothly as soon as possible.

What are some reasons as to why your Lorex camera may be malfunctioning and offline? What else can you do to troubleshoot and fix any possible problems affecting your camera?

Let’s go over what to do to accurately troubleshoot a Lorex camera and Lorex Home Center.

Lorex Security Systems and Cameras

Lorex Security Systems and Cameras

If you do some rudimentary research into the Lorex company, you will discover that it is a well-known and reputable smart home security systems brand.

Lorex sells lots of security systems depending on what you want in terms of preferences. Your Lorex security cameras can be used with the Lorex Home Center system or the Lorex Home app.

Although Lorex products are impressive, they are not without their tech errors and hiccups. Regardless of whether your Lorex camera is being used through the home center system or the app, the cameras may occasionally disconnect. This could manifest in a frustrating black screen. An “offline” error message may even pop up.

There are a few things that could be causing a blank screen or an error message for Lorex cameras. It may be offline due to Wi-Fi issues, or it may be offline if the display itself cannot successfully sync with your Lorex camera. The power source could even be the reason why the camera is disconnected and offline.

Thankfully, there are a few solutions and fixes you can try to get your Lorex camera back online and working as good as new, as soon as possible.

Issues That Could Make Your Lorex Camera Go Offline

There are a surprising amount of ways that your camera could fall offline. If there is a loss of network connection, a disruption or end of your camera’s power supply, if the app or firmware version of your camera is out-of-date, if your camera is in a weak network spot, if your camera is out of your Wi-Fi’s range, or if there is a weak signal between your outdoor Lorex camera and your Lorex home center station, you may get a black screen or error message.

If you have any of the above problems occur and the camera disconnects, no live streams will come through your camera and you will not be able to manage the Lorex camera on your smart app.

Each of these connection or power issues will be covered so you can specifically diagnose your tech issue and fix it yourself!

For more details, check our blog on Do Lorex Cameras Work Without Internet?

How to Fix a Loss of Network Connection?

You won’t be using many smart devices in your home if your Wi-Fi connection goes out. An active and stable internet connection is necessary to operate and access any Lorex camera on the official app.

Start by double-checking if your router’s internet connection is still valid.

Check to see if other devices, like your phone, tablet, or computer, are still connected to a Wi-Fi network to see if your router is still actively connected to the internet.

Maybe your Wi-Fi network subscription needs to be paid for again. Maybe the router itself has stopped working from time and overuse. Whatever the reason for your network issue, try to find the root of the problem and fix it before connecting your camera.

If a power disruption has caused your loss of network, or if your internet connection has dropped without explanation, your camera may go offline.

Try to restart your network router and your camera. If your camera connects from there, the camera app indicator should switch to an “online” message. The camera should be working now.

In terms of your Lorex Smart Home Security Center, or LSHSC, there are some things you can do to troubleshoot this too.

Carefully lift the antennas of the LSHSC to boost its signal coverage. This should ensure no new signal obstructions are interrupting the camera line.

Your camera may be too far away from your LSHSC. If this seems to be the case, you should think about adding a Lorex Home extender to your home setup. This will boost your LSHSC network range and keep your cameras working and online.

How to Fix a Disruption of the Power Supply?

No matter where you live, a power outage could occur and affect you and your neighborhood. Whether because of a storm, faulty electrical wiring, or a power outage, if the power stops flowing to your Lorex camera system, it will go offline. All of your smart devices will likely go offline, but you can remedy the issue.

If you perform a power cycle on your Lorex camera and your network router, you’ll start the process of rebooting your devices and system.

Make sure to give your router some time to initialize and reconnect to your smart device. Further details of how to correctly execute a power cycle are further described below.

Performing a Power Cycle

Executing a power cycle will restart your electronic device. This can be useful in fixing small connection issues and minor software bugs by refreshing your connection.

Restart your whole setup, meaning your camera, network router, and any other devices on your network. To do this, unplug your camera from its power outlet. Wait 1 to 2 minutes for the camera to discharge. Then reconnect the camera to the mains.

Apply this approach to all of your devices on your network. Don’t forget to perform a power cycle restart on your router and home center.

After you connect these devices, allow them a few minutes to power up and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. Check the little LED indicator on your Lorex camera.

If the indicator light is a solid green, this means it is correctly powered up. If the light is showing a different color or blinking, inspect your camera or the camera’s power cord for any physical damage.

When in doubt, it is a great idea to use a power cycle to restart your smart home devices now and then and in times of specific troubleshooting.

How to Fix an Out-of-Date App or Old Firmware Version?

If the above solutions don’t work, try redownloading a newer version of the Lorex app. Check that the firmware for your home smart devices, router, and phone, are all current enough to run this type of software.

If reconnecting your camera to your network without resetting it doesn’t work, try to fix it through your app. Open up your Lorex Home app, go to its settings, click Wireless Network, and then follow the in-app prompts to reconnect your camera.

You could also put your camera in pairing mode by pressing the reset button once. After your Lorex camera resets, use the Lorex Home app to set up your camera from scratch.

How to Fix a Weak Network Spot?

Lorex cameras usually have a shorter bandwidth at roughly 2.4GHz. This bandwidth is shorter than 5.0GHz bandwidth and it may force you to relocate your camera to a new location.

Your camera may come back online if you shift it to be physically closer to your Lorex Home Center or your home network device.

How to Fix Being Outside of Your Wi-Fi Network Range?

If your camera is offline due to network connection issues, and you suspect it may be because you are outside of your Wi-Fi network range, try to consult with your Wi-Fi provider.

Whether you get your Wi-Fi services through Cox or through Verizon or some other third party, try calling and talking with your Wi-Fi service provider to find out if your Wi-Fi network range is pretty small.

If your range is limited, consider investing in a larger Wi-Fi network range. Buying a larger Wi-Fi network range will ensure that your network covers your Lorex camera and Lorex Home Center.

How to Fix a Weak Signal Between an Outdoor Lorex Camera and the Home Center Station?

If the signal seems weak between your camera to your Lorex Home Center Station, try relocating one device or the other.

If you move your camera to be closer to your home center station, the signal may strengthen enough between the two electronics until your camera is back online again.

You could also try to move your home center station nearer to your camera if your camera is securely attached to a wall in your home or if it is outdoors. If all else fails, you can also try resetting your wifi router.

How to Fix a Dead Lorex Camera?

If you have neglected to charge your Lorex camera for months on end, a depleted battery may be at the heart of your problem.

Since Lorex cameras use rechargeable units, you’ll need to take out the battery pack and charge it up now and then. To safely take out the battery pack in your camera, first undo the screws on the bottom. Remove the cover and eject the battery pack.

After that, connect the battery pack to a standard charger for about 1 hour. Then re-insert the battery pack into your camera and test it out!

If offline problems or error messages persist, try troubleshooting with other solutions and approaches found here.

Try Moving Your Router Closer to the Lorex Camera

In regards to weak connectivity issues, your camera may appear to be offline due to a stretched proximity to your router. To fix this, pick up and move your router to be within just a few meters of your camera. Test out your camera to see if this solves your problem.

Try Reinstalling the Lorex Home App

Sometimes resetting the Home app in a holistic sense is the best way to fix your camera problem. Just to be safe, reinstall the Home app on your smartphone. Doing so may fix a glitch in the app and make it function correctly going forward.

If the app can’t connect to the services, if there is corrupted data in the device, or if there is an outdated software issue, a clean install could solve the problem.

To reinstall the Home app, open up your phone and go to its search tab. Enter the app manager and then find the Lorex Home app.

Under app settings, click on the Delete button. Navigate to the App Store or to Google Play and download and install the Lorex Home App.

Test out the app to see if the reinstallation has fixed the issue and brought your camera back online.

Lorex Video Help for Troubleshooting

Luckily, Lorex customer service has lots of resources for their customers. If the above fixes don’t yield promising results, visit their video troubleshooting webpage.

This helpful website suggests putting your antennas upright, unplugging your camera, leaving it unplugged for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, plugging it back in, and removing any obstructions.

Common materials in your home such as concrete, brick, metal, and wood can be the cause of poor signal strength. It is also a great idea to add the Lorex Home Extender to increase the range of the LSHSC.

Watch the full video from Lorex’s resources to get further in-depth help and guidance while troubleshooting.

Contacting Lorex Customer Support

If all else fails, dutiful Lorex employees are always standing by to help you out! You can log onto the Lorex website and call to chat with some of their representatives. Their workers can walk you through some other ways to troubleshoot your camera and get it back up and working. Try contacting them through this website and enjoy your camera!

You can also call Lorex customer support at 1-888-425-6739.

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