ONN Roku TV Overheating Message: Causes and Solutions

Generally, an ONN Roku TV displays an overheating message if the TV’s vents are blocked or covered restricting airflow if placed near a heat source or in a poorly ventilated area, or if you are using the TV for long hours without a break.

Simple solution – “Unplug Your TV and let it cool down.”

You can get an overheating warning message on your ONN Roku TV when your TV gets heated up due to poor ventilation or when you use your TV for continuous long hours.

why is my ONN tv overheating

During our testing, we found that the overheating message appeared on the ONN TV when the temperature went to around 60°C (140°F). This threshold temperature may vary depending on your ONN TV model.

Here’s how you can fix overheating message on your ONN Roku TV:

1. Unplug Your ONN TV Instantly

Unplug Your ONN TV Instantly

Unplugging your electronic device is the very first step to do if it’s overheating. For ONN TV overheating message, disconnect your TV from the power cable and let it cool down for 10-15 minutes.

Once your ONN TV cools down, find out the exact reason behind the overheating issue with your TV. Also, check your TV’s ventilation and make sure to not place the device at a high ambient temperature.

To measure the ONN TV’s circuit board temperature, ONN TVs are equipped with a built-in temperature reader.

When the temperature exceeds the set limit, it activates the overheating warning and tries to cool down by reducing screen brightness, switching off the TV’s audio, or completely turning off the television.

2. Place Your ONN TV in a Cool Temperature With Proper Ventilation

Place Your ONN TV in a Cool Temperature

Ventilation in a television refers to the system or process that allows air to flow through or within the TV set to disperse heat generated by the electronic components, preventing overheating and potentially extending the lifespan of the device.

Like all other TVs, ONN TVs do have provided space on the back or sides for proper airflow to keep the threshold temperature under control.

If you have wall-mounted your TV or placed it in a cabinet or closed TV unit, it would accumulate the heat inside the TV and restrict the airflow.

Simple solution – Move your TV to a cooler location or use an open TV unit.

I would advise you to avoid placing the television in direct sunlight, near a heating device, or in a room without proper ventilation.

It would be best if you could leave some space (2-4 inches) around your TV for proper air circulation.

3. Reduce Your TV’s Brightness

Reduce ONN TV Brightness

Extensive use of the TV such as streaming 4K content or gaming result in an unusual amount of heat generation. This also happens when you are using multiple apps or channels simultaneously.

Reducing the TV’s brightness level to under 40% and setting the contrast to around 50% will solve the overheating issue with your ONN TV.

Also, One of the largest TV manufacturers (Sony) suggests using the TV within the temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F).

Here’s what you should do to prevent overheating,

  • Take a break after 3-4 hours of continuous use and let it cool down.
  • Close the Smart TV apps running in the background.
  • Turn your ONN TV off when not watching.

4. Try Replacing The Power Supply And Main Board

Replace TV Power Supply And Main Board

Your TV’s power board or mainboard can be the culprit for why your ONN TV showing an overheating message.

But, inspecting your TV boards will require you to open the back panel and then check different boards and identify which one has a burnt smell.

You can also use a multimeter to measure the board’s voltage and current and compare them with the board label specifications. If the board is defective, there will be a notable discrepancy in these measurements. I would suggest to get a professional help in this situation.

Why is my ONN Roku TV Overheating?

Overheating issues with ONN Roku TVs can occur due to several reasons, however, the primary reasons are blocked TV vents, placement of the TV, and continuous usage.

  1. Blocked Vents: The TV’s vents may be blocked or covered, restricting airflow and causing the device to overheat. It’s crucial to ensure these vents are clear and not obstructed by any objects or dust.
  2. Placement of the TV: If the TV is placed near a heat source or in a poorly ventilated area, it can overheat. It’s recommended to place your TV in an open space with good ventilation.
  3. Continuous Usage: Using the TV for extended periods without a break can lead to overheating. It’s suggested to turn off the TV and let it cool down periodically.

If you see an overheating message on your Roku TV, immediately unplug your TV. Remember that frequent overheating can cause long-term damage to your TV, so if the issue persists, it may be best to contact ONN support for assistance.

How Much Heat Can an ONN Roku TV Handle?

Every ONN TV model could have a different operating temperature but as a thumb rule your TV’s temperature should be within the range of 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F).

Is there a risk of my ONN Roku TV catching fire due to overheating?

overheating risk in ONN TV

While there is no direct evidence suggesting that ONN Roku TVs are prone to catching fire, any electronic device can overheat and potentially cause a fire if not properly maintained or used inappropriately. This risk could increase if the TV is positioned near other heat sources or subjected to heavy use for prolonged periods.

There have been isolated incidents reported on online forums where users claimed their Roku TV emitted a burnt plastic smell and even produced smoke. There was also a recall of around 8,900 flat-screen TVs by the Consumer Product Safety Commission due to a faulty component that could potentially ignite.

However, it’s worth noting that it’s quite common for such devices to heat up during operation. If an overheating warning shows up on your screen, there are measures you can take to rectify this, such as ensuring the TV is well-ventilated and avoiding extended periods of use.

Can I open and inspect the TV boards to solve overheating issues myself?

Opening the TV and inspecting boards may be complex, so I would recommend seeking professional help if you suspect issues with the power supply or mainboard.

What if the overheating issue persists after following the suggested solutions?

If the problem persists, contact ONN support for further assistance. Persistent overheating can lead to long-term damage, so it’s essential to address the issue promptly.

What are the common signs of overheating in a TV?

Common signs of overheating in a TV include discoloration or distortion in the picture quality, TV randomly shutting off, and hot around the vents and at the back. Also, you may notice a burning or melting plastic smell.

How Long Does ONN Roku TV Last?

The lifespan of an ONN Roku TV can vary greatly depending on usage and care but on average you can use an ONN TV for 40,000 to 60,000 hours which is roughly around 4.5 to 6.8 years.


If you encounter an overheating message on your ONN Roku TV, the primary culprits are often blocked vents, improper placement, or continuous usage.

To solve this issue, start by carefully unplugging the TV and allowing it to cool down for 10-15 minutes. Ensure proper ventilation by placing the TV in a cool location with ample airflow, avoiding direct sunlight and heat sources. Additionally, reduce the TV’s brightness, take breaks during extended use, and close background apps.

For other problems, check our dedicated guide on ONN TV Problems and their troubleshooting.

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