ONN TVs are popular nowadays for its affordable and high quality televisions. However, like every electronic gadget, your TV can encounter problems like black screen which has become a common problem among ONN TV customers.

If your ONN TV gives you a black screen, check for faults in the HDMI cable and replace it. Give your TV a break for five minutes and unplug it to attempt a reset. For a soft reset, unplug it from the TV’s back and wait for 30 seconds. Now, plug everything back in and let the TV do its thing.

Hopefully, this will resolve the issue!

If you are still facing the problem, don’t worry – we have found out a few fixes that you can try to resolve this issue.

This article will guide you through the process that can bring your ONN TV back and running.

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What Causes Black Screen on ONN TV?

how to fix ONN tv black screen

Before you get into troubleshooting your TV it is important to know the reason behind the black screen on a TV.

There could be some minor issues like HDMI connections problem and power problems that can be easily resolved. On the other hand, there could be serious problems with the hardware or software.

Now, that you know why your ONN TV has a black screen, its time to fix the issue and start watching your favorite movies and programs.

Incorrect TV SettingsIf the sleep mode or sleep timer is ON, switch these settings OFF.
Remote IssuesResetting your TV remote can easily fix this issue in some situations.
Outdated TV SoftwareA faulty cable can stop the video signal from reaching your TV, change the old HDMI cable with a new one.
HDMI Cable IssuesTry using a different HDMI cable.

How Do You Fix A Black Screen On An ONN TV?

How to Fix Black Screen On ONN TV

You can use several ways that can fix black screen on ONN TV but the most common and easy to use way is restarting your TV.

In most cases, a simple restart solves the issue in minutes and you don’t have to go through other troubleshooting ways.

Restart Your ONN TV

This is the easiest way you can fix multiple issues on any television. You just have to turn off your television, and then start it back.

Turn Off Your TV And Then Back On

If you’re facing any ONN TV issues, just turn your TV off and then turn it ON again. It’s like a magic trick that works wonders!

Trust me, it’s the quickest and easiest fix out there.

So, here’s the deal: finding the root cause of this problem might be a bit tricky, but guess what?

This solution will basically give your TV a refreshing memory boost.

In most cases, it’ll totally bypass that annoying “bug” from before, and you can finally enjoy your evening without any pesky interruptions.

How awesome is that?

Wait Until Your TV is Turned Off

Does the first option not work? Don’t worry!

Repeat the first step and this time once you unplug your television, remember to turn it off and wait for at least one minute.

Now, plug back your TV, it will swiftly revert to the factory default settings and resume normal operation.

This method is really effective and has worked for me.

But if your TV decides to act up for some reason just give it another shot, but this time, take a break for fifteen to thirty minutes before you go ahead and turn on the television.

Trust me, it’s worth the wait!

Change Your TV Settings

If you have put your TV into sleep mode or using a sleep timer on your TV, your TV may show a black screen.

You can easily fix this issue by switching these settings OFF.

Turning off the sleep mode and sleep timer can return your TV screen to the normal state and you could be ready to view your favorite shows in no time.

Reset Your ONN TV Remote

Reset Your ONN TV Remote

Another common problem that leads to a black screen on a television is the remote. Resetting the remote can fix the problem in some situations.

Here’s how you can reset the remote:

  • Remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Press and hold the Power button for 1 minute.
  • Now, replace the batteries with new ones.
  • Switch ON the TV and check if its working.

Update Your TV Software

Alright, folks, let’s dive into the next phase of our TV repair adventure – tackling the software’s ability to handle updates.

The Roku operating system is what enables you to watch everything on your ONN TVs.

The black screen issue is known to the Roku online community customer site and therefore they have provided a phone number and a link for software upgrades and downloads.

So, let’s get this TV back in action, shall we?

Here’s how you can update your TV:

How To Update Your TV With WifiHow To Update Your TV Without Wifi
Connect Your Roku ONN Tv to the internet.Download the updated software to your computer and then copy that to your USB drive.
Click on MENU button on your TV remote and select SETTINGS.Connect the USB flash drive to your TV.
Now, go to Support/System Update.Select the software file from the USB drive.
Select Software/System Update and click on Update Now.
Your TV will start updating instantly.

Note: Ensure that the TV remains on until the update is finished. If there is no update available, you may exit the menu.

Restore Your TV To Factory Default Settings

You have tried all the above troubleshooting ways and still the problem is not solved, then you should try factory resetting your television.

To do this, find out the “Reset” button placed near the inputs on your television back. Press and hold the reset button for 20 seconds. Your TV will restart when the reset is complete.

Remember that when you do a factory reset, all the data stored in the cloud is deleted including the login details of your streaming Apps.

Check out the below video if you need help resetting.

Try A Different HDMI Cable

If you’re using an external device hooked up to your TV, like a game console or cable box, it’s time to swap out that HDMI cable with a fresh one.

Trust me, a faulty cable can totally mess with your video signal.

So let’s kick those glitches to the curb and keep the entertainment flowing smoothly!

Call ONN TV Customer Support

onn Roku customer support

If your ONN TV is not working, you can call their Customer Service at (844) 334-2355.

But before you call them, make sure you’ve got your ONN TV model and serial number handy.

How Do I know If My TV Backlight Is Broken?

If you could see your standby light illuminating when you power on your TV, your TV backlight has the problem.

Here’s a fun trick to validate this issue: grab a flashlight and shine it on the television. If you catch a glimpse of hidden images, well, that’s a confirmation that your backlight has a problem.

Often times, this fuzzy image is due to your TV picture settings and is solved with a few tweaks.

If the issue persists get your tv backlight repaired or contact ROKU customer support if your TV is under warranty.

What Do I Do If My TV Is On But The Screen Is Black?

Here’s what you should do when your TV is ON but the screen is black.

  • Step 1: Check if the HDMI cable is damaged or has a short. If so, replace it with a new one.
  • Step 2: Unplug the TV from the wall or power source and wait for at least 5 minutes.
  • Step 3: After 5 minutes, plug your TV back again into a functional wall outlet and check if the black screen issue is resolved.
  • Step 4: If the problem persists, try doing a soft reset. Unplug your TV from the wall or power source and, if possible, remove the power cord from the back of the TV.
  • Step 5: Wait 30 seconds before plugging it in again to see if this has solved your issue. If the issue persists, you may need to replace your TV or contact a technician for further assistance.

Why Is My TV Screen Black But Still Has Sound?

Generally, a loose of faulty HDMI cable connection is the cause of black TV screen with sound.

However, if your HDMI cable connecting your cable box or gaming console is damaged, it can disrupt the video signal allowing the audio signal to pass through.

Can You Repair A Television If The Screen Goes Black?

It is always better to get a TV repaired rather than replacing it with a new one. When the problem is with the backlight, it can be repaired by a professional.

However, whether your TV can be repaired or not depends on what’s causing the issue. Generally, the cause of black screen on a TV are faulty cables, outdated firmware or the incorrect setting that you can easily fix.

But if the problem is with the TV’s hardware, like a damaged backlight or a cracked panel, you might be in trouble. It could be unfixable, and you might have to say goodbye to your TV or get a replacement part.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A TV Backlight?

The average cost of a TV backlight repair is around $100 to $150, whereas at-home repairs cost more due to the addition of travel fees.

However, the average repair cost of a black screen comes around $100 to $200.

Depending on what kind of TV you’ve got, the backlight could be this fancy LED light strip or a not-so-fancy CCFL strip (CCFL stands for cold cathode fluorescent lamp).

The average replacement price for LED light strip is $2.50 per LED light strip and for CCFL strip the replacement cost is around $20 and $25 per strip.

If your TV has CCFL strips and you couldn’t find it, you can ask your TV repair technician to convert the backlight from CCFL to LED which would cost you around $12 to $30 per LED strip.

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