Can You Reset A ONN Roku TV?[With or Without A Remote]

You can easily find the Reset button on the back of your TV, placed near the antenna, HDMI, and audio connections ports. Now, use a paperclip or pin and press and hold the reset button for 20 seconds.

Do you own a ONN Roku TV? If yes, you know why you bought this smart Tv. ONN Tv brand is owned by Walmart and is well known for high quality and less expensive smart Tvs.

But like other TV brands, these can also show some problem such as poor picture quality, sound quality or other issues with time. You can solve these small issues yourself with a simple reset.

Since resetting erases all the stored data on your Tv, you should always backup your data and important information.

This article is all about where you can find the reset button, how you can reset your Roku Tv using a remote and without a remote and many more information you need before you start a reset process.

Why And When Should You Reset Onn TV?

Why And When Should You Reset Onn TV

If your ONN TV is behaving strangely such as not turning on or stuck to the photo screen, not letting you go to settings, you should understand this is the time to reset your TV.

There could be several reasons as to why you should reset ONN TV.

  1. If you’re looking to sell or give away your Onn TV, it’s important to ensure that all your personal data and settings are completely erased.
  2. If you have forgotten your Roku account password or PIN and you want to create a new one.
  3. If you are encountering technical difficulties with your Onn TV, such as issues with picture or sound quality, frozen screens, an unresponsive remote, or errors with apps.
  4. You want to update the software or firmware of your Onn TV to the latest version or you wish to modify your network settings or connect to a different Wi-Fi network.

You may face some other problems but resetting solves most of them and even optimize the viewing experience.

Where Is Reset Button On My ONN TV?

Where Is Reset Button On My ONN TV

Before you get into the process, the first thing you need to do is locate the reset button. The button is placed inside a small hole that can only be accessed with a paperclip or pin like object.

The reset button on an Onn Roku TV is typically positioned at the back, near the power or input ports. However, in certain newer and older models, it may be found on the bottom or side of the TV.

Alternatively, certain ONN TV models have a reset option in the TV’s settings menu. In this case, check your ONN TV’s user manual or support documentation to find the precise reset method applicable to your model.

How Do I Reset My Onn TV Without A Remote?

Have you lost your remote? Or Is your remote not working?

Is your TV screen gone black and you want to hard factory reset?

You can actually reset or power on your TV without a remote. This technique is useful when your TV refuses to turn on or when the screen remains black even though the TV is powered on.

Here’s how you can reset your ONN Tv without a remote.

  1. Find the Reset button on the back of your TV. (Generally located near the inputs.)
  2. Turn On your TV.
  3. Use a paper clip, pin or ballpen to press and hold the reset button for 20 seconds.
  4. Release the button when you see the ONN Tv logo on the screen.

Please note that performing a factory reset will result in the deletion of all data and customized settings on your TV, including information such as WiFi and wired network settings, Google account credentials, and other login details.

How Do I Reset My ONN Roku TV With A Remote?

Resetting a Roku TV with a remote is practically an easy method that doesn’t require checking the back of your TV.

Here’s how you can reset your ONN TV with a remote:

  1. Press HOME button on your tv remote and Select “SETTINGS”.
  2. Scroll down to Select “SYSTEM”.
  3. Again scroll down to the bottom and select “ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS”.
  4. Now, Select “FACTORY RESET”.
  5. You may need to enter the 4 digit Tv code  and press Enter to start the process.

Your TV will restart a few times during the reset and once the reset is complete your ONN TV will go back to the initial settings as it was when you bought the new TV.

How To Reset ONN Android TV?

Resetting the ONN Android Tv is simple and straightforward. Follow the steps below:

  • Turn on your ONN Tv.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select Device Preferences from the options list.
  • Select About and Choose Factory Reset.
  • Click on “Confirm” when prompted.
  • Now, select Erase Everything.

Wait for few seconds and your TV will restart once reset is completed.

How Do I Reset My Onn TV With A Black Screen?

There are few things more frustrating than eagerly sitting with your family, anticipating the start of one of your favorite shows, only to be greeted by a blank screen on your TV.

However, in such situations, there is a silver lining – you have the ability to identify the cause of the issue and swiftly resolve it.

To quickly resolve a black screen issue on your ONN TV,

  1. Locate the reset pinhole on your TV.
  2. Gently insert a pin or needle into the hole and hold it for 20 seconds.
  3. Once the reset is successful, your TV will immediately restart, and you will see the ONN TV Logo displayed on the screen.

How Do I Factory Reset or Force Reset A Roku TV?

You can always factory reset you Roku Tv when it is functioning properly.

  • Hold down the Power button for 20 seconds.
  • Wait for 10-15 seconds and remove and replug your Tv.
  • Now, go to Settings and select System.

Your TV will shut down and restart again. You can start setting up your TV with personalized settings.

Does ONN TV Has A Reset Button?

Most ONN TVs have a reset button either on the back of the TV near inputs or on the bottom or side of the TV.

Tips To Avoid Frequent Factory Resets

Even though factory reset can solve a lot of issues, I don’t advice you to do this frequently.

To reduce the need for frequent factory resets, consider implementing the following recommendations.

  1. Never install third party and potential harmful Apps or unauthorized applications.
  2. Keep your TV firmware and apps always updated.
  3. Regularly clear cache and temporary files to optimize performance.
  4. Always refresh your TV by restarting it periodically to enhance its functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a factory reset affect hardware?

A factory reset does not affect hardware or cause any physical damage to the device. It simply erase all of the software data that was previously on the device and restore it back to its original state when it came from the manufacturer.

However, if you are experiencing hardware problems with your device, such as the device not turning on, a factory reset may help. This is because it can help to identify any software related problems that could be causing the issue.

What will happen if I reset my Onn Roku TV?

If you’re thinking of resetting your TV to its factory settings, there are a few important things to consider.

  1. Note that a factory reset will erase all of your data and settings, including saved passwords, preferences, and customized settings.
  2. A factory reset will uninstall any third-party apps you’ve installed on your TV. After the reset, you’ll need to reinstall your desired apps.
  3. A factory reset will restore your TV’s firmware to its default state, which may potentially cause compatibility issues with your TV and other external devices.

Is hard reset and factory reset the same?

Is hard reset and factory reset the same

In the realm of troubleshooting and device maintenance, the terms “hard reset” and “factory reset” are frequently used. But what do they actually mean? Are they interchangeable?

We aim to provide a clear understanding of these two reset methods, exploring their differences, functionalities, and use cases.

Hard Reset: A Fresh Start Within Boundaries

A hard reset, also known as a “soft reset” or “reboot,” is the process of restarting a device while preserving its existing settings and data. Think of it as a quick and simple way to resolve minor issues without wiping your device clean.

To perform a hard reset, users typically need to press and hold specific buttons or key combinations, depending on the device.

For example, on an iPhone, holding down the power button and home button simultaneously will trigger a hard reset. On an Android device, the combination might involve the power button and volume down button.

The primary purpose of a hard reset is to refresh the device’s operating system, clear temporary files, and terminate any unresponsive apps or processes. It’s akin to giving your device a deep breath and a chance to start anew.

Factory Reset: Restoring to Original Settings

On the other hand, a factory reset, sometimes referred to as a “hard factory reset” or “master reset,” goes beyond a mere reboot.

It erases all user-customized data, settings, applications, and files from the device, essentially returning it to its original out-of-the-box state.

Unlike a hard reset, a factory reset is a more comprehensive process that wipes the device’s internal storage clean. This means that all personal data, including contacts, photos, videos, and installed apps, will be irreversibly deleted. It’s crucial to back up your files before proceeding with a factory reset.

The steps to initiate a factory reset can vary across different devices.

For example, on an iPhone or iPad, you can perform a factory reset through the device’s settings menu. On Android devices, it typically involves going into the system settings, selecting “Backup & Reset,” and choosing the factory reset option.

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