Roomba Battery: How Long Does It Last?

Generally, Roomba battery lasts for 2 to 2.5 years; beyond that, there is a significant probability that it may degrade and finally stop working. How you use your Roomba and how the battery is handled will significantly impact how long it lasts.

Curious about how long your recently purchased Roomba battery will last? Or how many years does a Roomba battery last?

The more careless you are about maintaining it in good condition, the sooner it will fully degrade. 

Some users claim that their Roomba’s battery is still functional after two years, while others emphasize that their battery only lasts six months after purchase, necessitating an urgent replacement. 

It is evident at this point how heavily the battery life depends on maintenance. 

In this article, you will find the answers to all your questions regarding the Roomba battery.

How long does the Roomba battery last?

roomba lithium ion battery

iRobot Roomba has a maximum runtime of two hours; it can recharge on its own by returning to the charging dock if it runs out of power and can hold a charge for several cycles before needing to be changed. 

Its lifespan is between 2 and 2 and a half years, depending on how you maintain your robot vacuum cleaner. 

The accompanying section is relevant for every owner who is curious about how to extend the Roomba’s battery life.

These Ways will Help Prolong the Life of Your Roomba Battery

battery cycle

After discussing the approximate number of years, a Roomba battery should last and the need to rigorously follow maintenance instructions to improve longevity.

Let’s move on to some of the steps you may take to extend the lifetime of your Roomba battery.

Fully Exhaust the Battery Before Recharging

It’s crucial to drain the battery to keep its capacity healthy periodically. Use the vacuum until the battery is completely discharged and then charge it full. 

Repeat this procedure every time your battery is exhausted for the best outcomes.

Store in a Cool and Dry Place

Batteries are harmed by both extreme cold and heat temperatures and moisture. Colder temperatures lower a battery’s overall capacity, requiring the robotic vacuum to recharge more frequently. 

It has been demonstrated that high temperatures speed up between-cycle deterioration. 

Keep your robot vacuum in a cold and dry place as much as possible to increase the battery’s longevity.

Clean Roomba Brushes

clean roomba brushes and wheels

The brushes of your Roomba will eventually gather dirt and allow it to become lodged in the bristles after regular use.

The Roomba’s power gets affected when there is excessive dirt in the brush, causing it to overwork itself and exhaust the battery and motor. As a result, maintaining a clean robotic vacuum is essential. 

Otherwise, the filth within the power tool battery might lead you to exhaust its energy completely.

Switch to ‘Vacation Mode’ When Not in Use

If the battery is not going to be used for a more extended period, putting the Roomba robot in “vacation mode” can further increase its battery life. 

Before you put your Roomba battery in “vacation mode”, make sure the battery is completely charged. 

After that, unfasten the two screws securing the battery door and remove the battery. 

Once the battery has been taken out, put it somewhere shielded from direct exposure to the sun.

Put your device back together after you are back from vacation and completely recharge the battery. 

Use the Roomba vacuum cleaner till the battery is fully exhausted, and then plug it in again.

Use the Battery Often

Avoid leaving your robot vacuum in the fully charged state for too long since this state imposes a strain on the battery. 

Run your robotic vacuum frequently; it will prevent your robotic floor cleaner from remaining on charge for an extended period of time.

Regular use will maintain the vacuum cleaner and the Roomba battery in good working order and efficiency, just as with other devices.

Best Ways To Extend Roomba’s Average Battery Life

average battery life extension

How a Roomba is operated and maintained may significantly impact how long its battery lasts. Is it feasible to make the Roomba battery last longer? Yes, it is. 

Read the ways below to learn how to extend your Roomba’s average battery life.

Put Roomba in Ship mode if you’re not going to use it for a long time

Setting the Roomba in Ship mode is recommended if you won’t be using it for an extended period, such as when moving or on vacation. 

To put the device into ship mode, press and hold the CLEAN button for ten seconds.

Get longer battery life with XLife Roomba battery

You can ensure a long battery life by purchasing an original XLife Roomba replacement battery. 

Third-party batteries are available on the market, but you can’t guarantee their longevity, so you’ll need to get a replacement sooner.

Therefore, always get a genuine lithium-ion battery to have the most extended possible battery life. (2)

Tips To Prevent Battery Replacement

The battery is, in fact, one of the most susceptible components of your robot vacuum. Nothing will function if the battery dies. 

Therefore, it is in your best interest to make the most of this important element. 

Rechargeable batteries used in robot vacuums have a certain number of cycles or times you drain and then replenish their energy. 

However, you can postpone replacing the battery by taking good care of your robotic vacuum cleaner and following my helpful tips.

  •  Charge and keep your Roomba in a dry and cool location.
  •  Wipe up the brushes after cleaning. If the brush axles get blocked with hair and other dirt, Roomba will use more battery power and degrade early.
  • Protect your Roomba from heat sources like heating vents, windows, and direct sunlight.
  • Remove the battery when you’re not using your Roomba for an extended length of time.
  • Use your Roomba often; it works best when it’s used frequently.
  • Have your Roomba docked in your Home Base connected to the charging outlet.
  • Review the Robot Health often on the irobot App, which clearly indicates whether particular parts require replacement or not.

When Should You Replace the Roomba Battery?

If your Roomba has had the same battery for two years or longer, you likely need to buy a new one shortly. If you’ve already changed the battery, the same holds true. 

You can replace the battery in anticipation of total depletion when you discover it is two years old or older.

Your irobot Roomba battery will gradually lose its capacity to retain a charge as it ages and wears out more. As a result, your Roomba’s running time will steadily decrease. 

There are two possible approaches to detecting this decrease in runtime. 

  1. First, cleaning your home’s floors with your Roomba takes longer than expected.
  2. Secondly, you can observe the Roomba visiting its base station more repeatedly to recharge.

In addition to runtime and battery age, you should keep an eye on the Roomba’s performance. Remember that a Roomba requires batteries to produce suction and rotate its primary and side brushes to pick up debris from your floor.

The vacuum can only accomplish that if it is supplied with electricity from a battery that is in perfect condition.

Lastly, the power light on your Roomba won’t turn on if the battery is so worn down that it can no longer store any charge. The Roomba won’t work at all at this point; therefore, you must get a new battery straight away. 

How do you know when Roomba battery is Dead? 

When a Roomba device doesn’t turn on or charge, you may be sure that you have a dead Roomba battery.

If you are not sure and are having some alternate thoughts. In that case, you can get in touch with the irobot customer support technical assistance and ask for a replacement battery if it hasn’t been too long and your device is still under warranty.

The company is liable to provide you with a new Roomba battery if it dies during the 1 year warranty period. (1)

Roomba Battery Indication Lights and What They Mean?

battery indicator lights

You must have seen a few buttons, and an LED light on Roomba called an indicator light with different colours and movement patterns.

The Indication Lights represent the machine’s current condition, for example, the cleaning mode, battery life, etc. 

Why is it crucial to identify them: to determine whether the machine is performing as intended for you?

Understanding the meaning of different light indicators will help you better understand how the Roomba operates. 

These are a few battery indicator lights:

  • Solid Red: The Roomba battery is entirely depleted and requires recharging.
  • Flashing Red: There is insufficient charge in the Roomba battery to begin a cleaning cycle. Recharging is necessary for the robot.
  • Solid Green: The Roomba battery has finished charging and is prepared to go into use.
  • Pulsing Amber: The battery is being charged.
  • Quick Pulsing Amber: the Roomba is in a 16-hour refresh and charge mode. 


The battery is an essential part of iRobot Robotic vacuum cleaners. A battery older than 2 or 2.5 years old starts causing trouble and calls for replacement.

It is important to know that you can increase the battery’s lifespan by:

  1. Provide your Roomba robot vacuum regular and proper maintenance to ensure that it runs well and lasts a long time. 
  2. Giving Roomba regular cleaning will make it work more efficiently and effectively. 
  3. Another great approach to make the battery last longer is to use the device frequently. 
  4. Temperature is also one factor affecting a Roomba battery’s lifespan, so ensure that you keep the battery in a cold and dry place.

We hope you got all the crucial information regarding Roomba batteries in this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Roomba battery be replaced?

Most Roomba models have a built-in lithium-ion battery that can be easily swapped out with a new one. However, it is important to note that not all Roombas are made with replaceable batteries, so check your user manual before attempting any repairs or replacements. (Find your Roomba Model and Serial Number)

Should I leave my Roomba plugged in all the time?

It is not recommended to leave your Roomba plugged in all the time. Doing so can cause the battery to become overcharged and can lead to shortened battery life or even permanent damage to the device. Instead, it is best practice to allow the Roomba to fully charge before each use and then unplug after the cleaning cycle is complete.

Does a Roomba come with accessories?

Yes, many Roomba models come with various accessories for improved use and convenience. These can include virtual wall barriers to keep the robot in a certain area, specialized cleaning brushes or mop cloths, HEPA air filters to capture dust and other particles, and more.

Will Roomba go home when the battery is low?

Most Roomba models are designed to automatically return home when the battery is low. This feature helps ensure that your Roomba doesn’t run out of power while cleaning, allowing it to safely make its way back to the charging station without interruption.


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