Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes Off: Why And How To Fix

Generally, the Roomba charging dock light go off when robot returns to the dock for recharging itself. However, there could be other reasons like dirty or misaligned charging points, power supply issues and dock sensor not detecting the Roomba.

The Roomba can get a lot of cleaning done independently, but only for as long as its battery lasts. That’s why it relies on the charging dock to recharge automatically, allowing it to continue functioning without your help. But why does the charging dock light go off after a while?

There are five main reasons why your Roomba charging dock light goes off, and not all are problematic.

Reasons for Roomba Charging Dock Light Going OffNormal or Not?
Roomba is docked properly (light blink for few seconds and goes off)Normal
Roomba is not docked properlyNot Normal
Roomba dock is experiencing power supply issuesNot Normal
Charging dock is not recognizing RoombaNot Normal
Roomba has a defective batteryNot Normal

Firstly, the light goes off soon after the Roomba docks, so the recharging process can happen more efficiently.

However, the light can also go off due to dirty or misaligned charging ports, power supply problems, and a faulty charging dock that doesn’t recognize the Roomba.

In this guide, you’ll learn more about why your Roomba charging dock light goes off. More importantly, you’ll also learn how to fix the problem and get your Roomba operating normally.

Why Does My Roomba Charging Dock Light Go Off? And How To Fix Them

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that the charging dock’s light can go off for several reasons. Some of those reasons are problematic, while others are entirely normal.

Let’s dive deeper into 4 reasons your Roomba charging dock light goes off and what you can do to fix each one.

1. Normal Charging Operation

What’s happening: The first reason your charging dock light goes off is that it’s successfully recharging your Roomba battery. 

Typically, that light will blink a few times to indicate the Roomba is correctly docked and has begun charging. After a few seconds, that light will go off to maximize the dock’s charging efficiency maximum capacity.

That light’s behavior differs between Roomba and dock models.

For example, the light might turn off after a few seconds. However, some models will continue blinking non-stop until the charging process completes.

How to fix it: Suppose this is the reason your Roomba charging dock light turns off. In that case, there is no problem for you to fix.

Instead, you should leave the Roomba alone for at least 2 hours to recharge fully. Meanwhile, you can monitor the charging progress by checking the mobile app for your Roomba.

2. Dirty Or Misaligned Charging Contacts

What’s happening: As you read earlier, the charging dock light typically blinks for a few seconds as it begins recharging the Roomba. However, if the battery light still goes off even before charging begins, it’s likely the Roomba’s charging points aren’t touching the ones on the dock as they should.

That can happen for two reasons.

  1. Firstly, the Roomba is not correctly aligned with the dock, so one or both of its charging points aren’t touching. 
  2. Secondly, the charging points could be dirty. Even a thin layer of dirt can stop the Roomba from receiving power from the charging dock.

When either happens, the charging dock will not connect with the Roomba and its light will turn off.

How to fix it: Roomba robot vacuums are excellent at aligning themselves with the charger and docking station automatically. Still, there are moments when a Roomba won’t dock as perfectly as it should.

You can solve this problem by manually positioning the Roomba in the dock. That might include gently wiggling home base of the unit until both contact points match and the charging process can begin.

Alternatively, you can use alcohol wipes to clean the Roomba’s charging points. Rubbing alcohol is a safe cleaner as it removes dirt effectively and evaporates quickly, leaving the charging points dry almost instantly.

Again, the dock light blinks for only a few seconds to let you know the Roomba is correctly aligned. Then, it’ll go off again as it channels all its energy towards recharging the Roomba battery.

3. Power Supply Issues

What’s happening: Another reason your Roomba charging dock light goes off when it shouldn’t is the dock is experiencing a power supply issue.

You’ll know that’s the case if the charging light always goes off regardless of the Roomba’s position or whether or not it’s charging.

In other words, the Roomba charging dock isn’t receiving the electrical power it needs. The root cause is one of these three issues:

  • The charging dock’s power cable is damaged.
  • The wall outlet isn’t functioning correctly.
  • The circuit breaker for that wall socket has tripped.

Thankfully, troubleshooting these three issues and finding the cause takes little time.

How to fix it: Firstly, you’ll have to troubleshoot the issue so you’ll know which solution to use.

For example, if the charging dock’s power cable is damaged, you must replace it with a new one.

Meanwhile, you can plug the dock into another power outlet to see if that one works. If it does, that means the previous wall socket is faulty and requires the attention of a qualified electrician.

Lastly, check your home’s main electrical box for tripped circuit breakers. If you find out, simply push it to the OFF position first, then back to the ON position.

Doing so will restore power to the dock’s wall socket and solve your problem.

4. Charging Dock Doesn’t Recognize Roomba

What’s happening: Although this is the least likely reason the dock light goes off, it’s also possible that the charging dock no longer recognizes the Roomba. 

Simply put, the dock and its components have failed, making it unable to sense when the Roomba has docked with it to begin charging.

As a result, the dock light goes off, and the Roomba does get the charging it needs.

How to fix it: Unfortunately, this problem means the charging dock cannot be used anymore. The only way to resolve the situation is to replace the charging dock with a new replacement.

Remember to purchase a dock that’s identical or at least compatible with your Roomba model. That way, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues, and your Roomba can dock with it normally to recharge.

Is the Roomba Charging Station Light Supposed to Stay On?

Generally, the Roomba charging station light goes off after 4 seconds and remains off while robot keeps charging itself.

However, you will see below light patterns on your Roomba when its charging and its battery indicator percentage.

Light PatternsWhat Does It mean
Slow Pulsing Red LightBattery is below 15% charged (Low Battery)
White Light Moving ClockwiseBattery charged greater than 15% charged
White Light Moving ClockwiseBattery 33% charged
White Light Moving ClockwiseBattery 50% charged
White Light Moving ClockwiseBattery charged over 65%
White Light Moving ClockwiseBattery charged (over 85%)
Solid White LightFully charged.   
Pulsing White Light bottom halfRobot Vacuum is charged and on dock./Hibernating

How Do I Know If My Roomba Is Charging?

Given how the charging dock light goes off when it charges a Roomba, you’ll likely wonder how to know if your Roomba is charging.

Here are 4 ways you can monitor your Roomba’s charging status:

  • The Mobile App: The first and most straightforward way to know if your Roomba charges is by checking the iRobot Home mobile app battery icon. One of the app’s many functions is to show you the battery condition onboard the Roomba. That means you can see if it’s charging and, if so, how much is left until it’s fully charged and can resume cleaning.
  • Beeping sound: Some Roomba models use sounds to indicate they’re charging. Depending on your model, you might hear a continuous beeping noise confirming it’s charging.
  • Flashing light: Alternatively, your Roomba model might use a flashing light to tell you it’s charging. You can confirm whether your Roomba uses sounds or lights by referring to its user manual for more information.
  • Clean button: Lastly, you can use the Roomba’s clean button to check if it has been charging. Press the button one time and note the color that illuminates around that button. If it shows a solid green light, it has fully recharged to 100% and is ready to work. However, an amber light means the battery is still actively charging.

Typically, you don’t have to monitor your Roomba to know if it’s charging correctly. That’s because it’ll automatically recharge and then continue vacuuming your floors.

But if you suspect it’s not charging as it should, you’ll find the four methods above helpful.

Since, it is really important to understand the status indicator for Roomba Vacuums as they are different for several models, I have created a table below for you.

Roomba ModelsCharging Light IndicatoerLED Indicator For Partially chargedLED Indicator For Fully charged
500 seriesPulsing Amber Amber Green
600 seriesPulsing Amber Amber Green
700 seriesPulsing Amber No Light Green
800 seriesPulsing Amber No Light Green
900 seriesPulsing Amber No Light Green
i3 and i3+White Blinking LightNA White
i7 and i7+White Blinking LightNA White

How Long Does The Roomba Need To Charge On Its Dock?

A Roomba needs 2 hours to recharge at its charging dock fully. That charge time is typical across different Roomba models with batteries in good condition.

However, you might need a longer time to recharge your Roomba if its battery is worn-out or malfunctioning. If that’s the case, you might find that the Roomba needs much longer to charge.

In severe cases, a Roomba battery might not hold a charge despite being recharged for hours. [Check our another blog on what to do if your Roomba is not Charging.]

When that happens, you must replace the battery with a new one. It’s best to purchase an original replacement battery to avoid compatibility or performance issues.

What Does A Red Light Mean On A Roomba?

The charging dock’s light isn’t the only one you’ll want to familiarize yourself with. Besides that one, you will also notice a red light on the Roomba that might come on when it docks to recharge.

That red light means the Roomba is correctly aligned and docked, but its battery is too hot. As a result, it will pause for a few moments and only begin charging when the battery cools down to a safe operating temperature.

A warm Roomba battery is typical and nothing to worry about. The battery temperature rises, especially when it discharges for extended periods, like if it cleans your floors for an extended period without stopping.

If that battery cools down shortly after, the dock will recharge it automatically soon enough. If you want to know more about red light meaning on your Roomba, read our dedicated post on Roomba Red Light Indicator & Patterns.

Final Thoughts

The charging dock is a crucial accessory that ensures your Roomba vacuum cleaner can work uninterrupted. It provides a place for your Roomba to dock when it runs low on power. Then, it can recharge before continuing to vacuum your floors.

When the Roomba docks to recharge, the light blinks briefly before turning off. That means the charging process has begun, and the dock increases its charging efficiency by shutting that light off.

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