Roomba Error Codes: Light Codes & Its Meaning

When your Roomba robot vacuum malfunctions, a red light will flash along with an accompanying error code and message. This ‘light code’ allows you to pinpoint the issue at hand so that you can quickly work on resolving it.

Have you just heard your Roomba beep and received an error code you don’t know about? We are here to answer all your doubts, from what an error code is to how you can fix one.

Your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner may experience various issues; all these issues are neatly categorized by iRobot’s Roomba and are represented by error codes. 

These error codes include a plan of action in addition to classifying mistakes and describing them like charging errors, communication error, etc. So, if you run into a problem, you must continue as per the message and follow the instructions to fix it.

When it comes to showing the error codes, different models behave slightly differently: some only beep, while others say what the issue is. Thankfully, the error codes themselves are often the same across all models.

This complete guide is designed to help you troubleshoot your Roomba error codes and provide you with the best possible solution to resolve them.

How do I Find Out Which Error Code is Involved?

Finding roomba error

The red light on Roomba around the Clean Button will light up, accompanied by an error message whenever you receive an error code. 

You need to press the “CLEAN” button to replay the error message and find out more about the same. 

By replaying the error message, you will hear instructions that you should follow to resolve the problem.

Did you see a blue light on your Roomba? You’re in luck! That’s just letting you know it is busy working and has everything under control.

Roomba Series Error Codes: Causes & Solutions

Here, we have mentioned the common errors and their respective causes and fixes in a table below, which you can refer to troubleshoot the error code on your Roomba device.                 

Depending on the particular model, iRobot has modified certain error code styles in recent years.

From the Roomba i-series to the 800-series and J-series, each product line has its own set of specific error codes.

The Roomba 800 only displays 11 error messages, compared to the extensive J-series which has more than 40 different codes. Although their numbers may differ, these light codes generally denote a similar issue.

Although we’ve tried our utmost to compile each one of them in our guide, it’s a smart option to visit the iRobot website or contact irobot customer care for your particular model.

Roomba Models Error Code Guide

Error code MessageReason / Cause  How To Fix
Error 1Uneven surface ErrorLeft wheel hanging
down or Roomba
being stuck.
Move your Roomba to a flat
Error 2Clean the brushesThe roomba floor brush
is not rotating
Clean roomba’s brushes.
Error 3Uneven surfaceRight wheel hanging
down or Roomba can’t
Lift & move Roomba to a
flat surface
Error 4Clean the wheelsBlocked Left WheelCheck the wheel for blockage
and clean.
Error 5Clean roomba’s wheelsBlocked Right WheelCheck the wheel for blockage
and clean.
Error 6Cliff detectedRoomba detecting
cliff sensor error.
Move Roomba from the current
path and clean roomba’s
cliff sensors.
Error 7Problem with wheelSide wheel is stuck.Put Roomba on a flat surface
and restart the activity again.
Error 8Problem with Vacuum cleanerPoor suction error/power.Clean and re install roomba’s
binand filter and check both
for  blockages.
Error 9Problem with Bumper sticksBlocked bumper.Tap roomba’s bumpers to
Error 10Problem with wheelRight wheel can’t turn.Check for the blockage in
right wheel.
Error 11Problem with motorVacuum motor is 
not starting.
Check for any kind of air
blockages like dust or hair.
Disassemble brush deck and
rotate motor manually.
Error 12Cliff detectedRoomba is stuck or
standing near a dark
Inspect and Clean Roomba’s
sensor and move it to another
Error 13Surface is unevenRoomba wheels are
on uneven surface.
Place your Roomba to a
flat surface.
Error 14Replace dust containerRoomba not detecting
dust container.
Check whether the dust
container and filter are
connected to each other.
Error 15_Roomba’s internal communication errorOften announced afterwards,
after Roomba has solved
it itself, so no solution required.
Error 16Place on a flat surfaceRoomba can’t start
because of being crooked
or the bumper is not placed
Place Roomba on a flat
surface, press CLEAN to restart.
Error 17Problem with Roomba’s navigation.Roomba working on
unmapped location and
couldn’t go back to the
charging station
Lift and place Roomba to a
mapped location to resume
Error 18Problem with Roomba dockingRoomba can’t part
itself to docking station.
Remove anything placed in
front of the charging station.
Error 19Undocking problemRoomba not being able
to drive away from
charging station
check and remove charging
station blockage.
Error 20_Internal communication problemPress the Clean button to
Error 21_Internal communication problemPress the Clean button to
Error 22Press the Clean button to restartRoomba is stuck.Move Roomba to a already
mapped area and press
CLEAN button to restart.
Error 23_Unrecognized batteryCheck whether the battery
is authentic and whether it
is actually suitable for your
Error 24Place on a flat surfaceRoomba is tilted.Put Roomba on a flat
surface and restart the
activity again.
Error 25_Card error inside RoombaPress the CLEAN button to
resume activity. If the problem
persists, reset your Roomba.
Error 26 Vacuum cleaner problemClogged vacuum FilterClean the filter and replace
it if required.
Error 27Vacuum cleaner problem Motor is overheated or
worn, clogged filter
Replace Roomba’s brush deck.
Error 29_Error during software
To resume software update,
place roomba to the charging
Error 30Problem with Vacuum cleanerVacuum cleaner not
being able to start.
Clean the Roomba filter or
place a new roomba filter.
Error 32_Smart Map & the
App map are different.
Push and hold the reboot
button on Roomba for
9 seconds.
Error 33Place in new area Roomba not cleaning
the path as shown in
Make sure to remove any
object placed in Roomba’s way.
Error 34_Internal communications
Press CLEAN button.
Error 36Empty the dust container  Robot dust container
sensor is dirty.
Clean dust container and
the sensors.
Error 38Power problem.Press CLEAN button.
Error 39Power communication
Press CLEAN button.
Error 41Time outCharge your robot vacuum.
Error 42Roomba not being
able to understand
the location
Return Roomba to the
dock station and restart.
Also, make sure to check
the changes in the house
made recently.
Error 43Roomba working in
Keep Out Zone
Place vacuum in correct
location and restart the
Error 46Low battery level Battery has drained outSend Roomba for charging
at the base station
Error 47Internal board error
or invalid robot calibration.
Reset your robot vacuum.
Error 48 Roomba routeInternal error or
wrong vacuum calibration.
Remove objects in the
robot way.
Error 66Full Storage memoryPlace your vacuum to
the base station.
Error 68Camera not working
while cleaning
Reboot your Roomba.
Error 75Robot stuck.Remove objects from
Roomba’s path and to keep
it running smoothly.
Error 88Could not backupRobot vacuum is
unable to backup.   
Place Roomba near to the
dock and press the CLEAN
Error 89Activity takes too longRoomba is working for
a long time.
Before using Roomba, be
sure to scan the area and
clear away any potential
hindrances that could impede its progress.
Error 1003Internal communication
Push CLEAN button to restart cleaning.
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*Struggling to find or understand an error code? Don’t hesitate to reach out; I’ll be happy to assist.

Use These Tips To Prevent Error Messages in Future

Preventing Roomba error messages

You can use the tips below to prevent future error codes and error messages.

  • Ensure that your robotic vacuum cleaner has adequate time and room to become familiar with its new environment during setup.
  • Before using Roomba, ensure that there are no objects on the floor.
  • Keep your Roomba vacuum cleaner clean and clean it regularly.

However, if you are facing some specific errors, you can refer to the instructions below:

The battery disconnected error frequently arises if your Roomba vacuum cannot detect the battery. Use an original iRobot Lithium-Ion battery if you want to avoid this issue. 

Also, see if anything is blocking the battery connection if you are using it and still seeing this warning.

You will get a Charging System Error if dirt interferes with the battery’s connection to the Roomba robot’s contacts. The problem should be fixed if the Home Base and Roomba robot’s charging connections are cleaned.

If you position your Roomba near a heating vent, furnace, or anything else that generates heat, the error “Battery is too warm” will frequently occur. Charging your Roomba cleaner at room temperature can avoid this issue in the future.

Roomba can show Communication Error if the battery is low or drained out. To avoid this issue, use original and compatible lithium ion batteries.

If the battery in the Roomba cleaner begins to malfunction, the Lithium-Ion Battery Error is shown. Depending on the particular model, this message may differ. If you see this error notice, you should contact iRobot customer service right away.


If there is an error with iRobot Roomba, it will communicate with red light and make a two-tone sound, followed by many beeps, or by speaking in a voice called error codes. You can replay the error code by pushing the bumper or the ‘CLEAN’ button at the base.

Your Roomba should continue to function properly for many years if you consistently respond to any error codes it may display. To prevent error codes from appearing, you should maintain & clean your Roomba once a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the symbols on my Roomba mean?

The different symbols on your Roomba indicate the status of your robot. The three main indicators are a triangle, an exclamation mark, and two arrows.

  • The triangle symbol is a reminder that you should empty the bin after each cleaning cycle. This symbol will light up when the dustbin needs to be emptied.
  • The exclamation mark symbol indicates an error or problem with the Roomba. If this symbol appears, you should check the manual to troubleshoot the issue.
  • The two arrows indicate when your Roomba is in cleaning mode. The left arrow shows that it’s currently in Vacuum Mode, while the right arrow shows that it’s in Spot Clean Mode.

In addition, other symbols may appear on your Roomba, such as an X is a battery indicator and shows when you need to recharge the battery, or a spinning circle when it is currently cleaning.

How do I fix my Roomba bin error?

If your Roomba is displaying a bin error, then the dustbin needs to be emptied. To do this,

  • Press and hold the CLEAN button until you hear a beep.
  • Then, open up the dustbin lid and pull out the filter.
  • Empty it into a trash can, replace it in the robot, close the lid, and press the CLEAN button again.

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