Roomba Map Unavailable: 6 Easy Ways To Fix!

The Roomba vacuums by irobot are one of the best robot vacuums available in the market and with the latest “Imprint Smart Maps” innovation the company has really come a long way since its first launch in September 2002.

But what if you get an error saying, “Roomba map unavailable” during a cleaning mission? No matter how convenient your robot vacuum is, if your vacuum starts showing errors like this, trust me, you won’t like it at all.

So, Why is My Roomba Map Not Available?

There are a few possible reasons why your Roomba’s map may not be available.

  1. Roomba has yet to create a full map of your home. Depending on the model of Roomba you have, it may take several cleaning cycles before the robot has successfully mapped out all areas of your home.
  2. If you’ve recently moved your Roomba to a different location it may take some time to re-map that area. (Please open the i-Robot Home App and select the map icon. From there, choose the training/mapping run option, and begin the process.)
  3. If you have recently reset or updated your robot software, the map may need to be recreated as well.
  4. It is possible that there is an issue with your Roomba and you should contact Roomba support for assistance.

How To Troubleshoot Your Roomba Map?

How To Troubleshoot Your Roomba Map

The Clean Map Report is a feature that provides you with a map displaying the areas cleaned by your Roomba during the day, including the routes and patterns it used.

Although Roomba is a complex robot vacuum that uses advanced hardware and software, its operation depends entirely on its internet connection and charging capability.

When you see the “Roomba Map Not Available” error on your iRobot, it is really frustrating, especially given the price of a Roomba and its smart mapping features.

We have listed the 6 ways that we found to be working to fix this issue during our test.

6 Easy Ways To Fix “Roomba Map Unavailable”

roomba mapping

Here are the 6 problems with Roomba that you need to check and fix for “Roomba map showing unavailable”.

Make Sure Smart Mapping Feature Is Enabled

You can get a “Roomba map not available” message when the smart map feature is not enabled. You must check this to make sure that the problem is not with the map feature.

To check whether the map is enabled or not:

  1. Open irobot Home App on your smartphone.
  2. Select Settings available at the bottom of the mobile device screen.
  3. Now, choose Map Privacy.
  4. Make sure that it’s enabled.

If you find out that the map feature is already enabled, disable it first and then enable it again.

Ensure Your Roomba Is Connected to the Internet

Ensure Your Roomba Is Connected to the Internet

To ensure the proper functioning of all the features, make sure to be connected to the internet. Follow these steps:

  • Access the iRobot App’s home page and navigate to Robot settings.
  • From there, access the Wi-Fi settings and click on “Robot Wi-Fi details.”

If you are experiencing an internet issue at the moment, you should get in touch with your ISP.

Power Cycle Your Roomba

If the problem is not resolved yet, you can try to fix it by power cycling your Roomba.

To do so, simply take out the battery from your device and leave it for a few minutes. After at least five minutes, turn on your device again.

To avoid errors, make sure the battery is correctly installed and that there is no debris in the compartment. It’s also important to ensure that the connection points are clean and in good condition.

Update Your Roomba’s Software

The Roomba vacuums automatically receive and install updates when it is docked. These updates are delivered wirelessly through OTA technology, unlike smartphones which require manual downloading and installation.

Sometimes, your Roomba might run slowly due to outdated firmware. You must check the current firmware on your Roomba and compare it with the firmware available on the Roomba website.

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Open the iRobot app, tap on “More,” then “Settings,” and finally “About.”
  • Check the firmware version of your Roomba. Then, click on the link provided above and select the model of your Roomba.
  • Now, compare the firmware version you have with the latest version released by Roomba. If the versions match, there is no issue. However, if they do not match, you should reset your Roomba.

Reset Your Roomba

If your Roomba is experiencing software glitches, resetting roomba can solve the problem. This is similar to how you reset your smartphone to resolve issues.

Resetting most Roomba series is a simple process, but for some models, you may need to remove certain hardware to perform a reset.

Roomba S and I Series

To initiate a reset on Roomba S and I Series, press and hold the “Clean” button for 20 seconds.

Roomba J Series

To reset Roomba J Series vacuums, press and hold the “Clean” button for 10 seconds.

Roomba E, 500, and 600 Series

For Roomba E, 500 and 600 series, you must locate the green button first located underneath the bin. Press and hold down the green button for 20 seconds.

Other Roombas with no green button

For other Roomba models without the green button, press and hold the “Spot” and “Clean” buttons for 20 seconds.

Contact Roomba Customer Support

In recent months, Roomba support has significantly improved its responsiveness and is dedicated to providing timely assistance. So, you should never hesitate to contact these experts for any help you need.

You just have to describe the problem and wait for their instructions. They will identify the problem and will assist you with possible solutions.

If the problem is with the device, you can submit a warranty claim here. The claim will be sent to the dealer and you may receive a new unit if your claim is valid and the device was not damaged by you.

The Roomba customer support will assist you in resolving basic performance errors regardless of whether the warranty is valid or not.


Although Roomba is an incredibly advanced smart vacuum, it may experience issues with its mapping capabilities. Whether you are facing the “Roomba Map Not Available” issue or any other errors, following the troubleshooting steps discussed above should help fix them easily.

If all else fails, contact Roomba customer support for assistance and remember to keep your device well-maintained for optimal performance.

In case you are facing difficulty with Roomba charging dock light, here’s our troubleshooting guide on what to do if Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes Off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many mapping runs does a Roomba need?

The exact number of mapping runs that a Roomba need depends on a variety of factors, including the size and layout of the room it is cleaning.

Generally, I have seen most Roombas completing an initial mapping run in around 15 to 30 minutes. However, the robot may need several more runs to accurately map out its environment and ensure that it is efficiently navigating and cleaning the room.

As your Roomba continues to clean, it will gradually refine its map and become faster at completing future mapping runs.

How many hours does it take for Roomba to map?

Roomba takes around 3 to 5 Mapping Runs that combines to around 3-5 hours to create a complete Imprint Smart Map that you can customize and use.

Open iRobot HOME APP and select Clean All, and Roomba will clean and learn your home during the cleaning cycle.

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