Shark Robot Error Codes & How To Troubleshoot Them!

The Shark robot vacuums use a variety of error codes to signal different issues, and each of them has their own unique solutions. While some indicate hardware issues, others point to software glitches. For instance, Error 2 means that the robot has a problem while moving, and clearing obstacles from its path solves the issue.

Like other vacuums, Shark robot vacuums do show some error codes when the device encounters a problem. You can know about the specific issues and troubleshoot them quickly by looking at the error code. But this requires you to understand what the code means and what you should do to fix them.

This article will guide you through the error codes that a shark robot vacuum shows, their type, and how to troubleshoot them easily at home.

What Do The Error Codes on Shark Robot Vacuum Mean?

shark robot error code

The error codes on a Shark Robot Vacuum mean that the vacuum is encountering some issues.

Generally, a Shark Vacuum shows an error when,

  1. There is a mechanical issue with the vacuum,
  2. The robot has a software issue,
  3. The vacuum needs maintenance or
  4. When the vacuum is blocked.

Shark Robot Error Codes – Type, Description and Fixes

Shark ION Error Codes:

Error CodeError TypeDescription & Fixes
All LED lights are offPower IssueThe unit is switched off. Try toggling the power switch. If there’s no response, plug in to recharge the device.
Red “Replace” LED light is onBattery IssueThe battery needs replacement.
DOCK and SPOT alternate flashingSide Brush IssueA side brush appears to be jammed. Clear any debris entangled in the side brushes.

Shark IQ/EZ/AI Error Codes:

Error CodeError TypeDescription & Fixes
CLEAN (RED) flashingObstacle IssueThe robot might be stuck due to an obstacle. Relocate the robot to a flat surface.
DOCK (RED) flashingBumper IssueThe front bumper seems to be jammed. Ensure it’s clean and can move freely.
CLEAN (RED) + DOCK (RED) flashingDust Bin IssueThe dust bin needs to be correctly installed. Make sure it clicks into place.
DOCK (RED) + ! (RED) flashingSide Brush IssueThe side brush seems to be stuck. Clear any debris around the side brushes.
CLEAN (RED) + DOCK (RED) + ! (RED) flashingWheel IssueIt seems like a drive wheel is stuck. Clean the wheels and remove any debris around the axles.
BATTERY ICON (RED) flashingBattery IssueThe battery level is critically low and requires recharging. Place the robot on its base for charging.
CLEAN (RED) + ! (RED) flashingMotor IssueThere appears to be a suction motor failure. Empty the dust bin, clean the filters, and check for any blockages.

Shark AI Specific Error Codes:

Error CodeError TypeDescription & Fixes
CLEAN (WHITE) + DOCK (RED) solidBoundary IssueRelocate your robot away from the magnetic boundary strip and try cleaning again.
CLEAN (RED) + DOCK (WHITE) flashingSensor IssueThere’s a cliff sensor error. Move your robot to a new location and ensure its cliff sensors are clean.

Other Shark Vacuum Error Codes

Apart from the above error codes, there are a few more number error codes that some shark robot vacuums display when the device encounters a problem.

Let’s have a look at these error codes and their troubleshooting ways.

Error 2

Error 2 may present itself in various forms on your Shark robot vacuum. This error typically signifies an issue that restricts the free movement of your Shark robot vacuum.

Here are the usual triggers for this error on your device:

  1. Generally, this error arises when the side brushes are stuck and unable to move. The simple solution in this situation is to inspect them for any stuck objects and clean them to regain their motion.
  2.  This error could also occur if the driver wheels are jammed due to dirt accumulation. The resolution, once again, involves cleaning them thoroughly to remove any trapped dust.
  3.  You might also see an error code 2 when a blockage prevents the brush roll’s movement. In such an instance, ensure the brush roll is cleaned and unblocked.
  4.  The error 2 may also be a result of a malfunctioning wheel motor encoder. In this situation, there’s nothing you can do other than reach out to Shark customer support for assistance.

Error 3

Occasionally, you might encounter error code 3 on your vacuum, indicating an issue with the suction motor. This error results in a total loss of suction power, signifying a complete motor breakdown. However, you can use three steps to fix this problem.

  1. This could be due to an excessively filled dust container, so ensure it’s emptied. 
  2.  The filter might be dirty; hence, it’s crucial to clean them thoroughly to eliminate any issues arising from it.
  3.  You should clear the blockages to restore the suction motor’s functionality.

Error 6

When your Shark robot vacuum displays error six, it indicates a blockage in the vacuum’s front bumper. To fix this, ensure a thorough cleaning of the bumper so that it can move without hindrance.

Error 7

The Shark robot vacuum comes with a cliff sensor to avoid drops and staircases, but when this sensor experiences a glitch, the robot will display an error 7.

This is usually due to an obstruction or clog, so the best solution is to clean the vacuum and reposition it to another area of your home in order to restore the operation of the cliff sensors.

Error 9

At times, improper reinstallation of the dust bin in your Shark vacuum can trigger error 9. This issue can be fixed by removing the dust bin and reinserting it until a click sound confirms its correct placement.

Error 10

Error 10 displays when your shark robot vacuum is stuck in one place due to an obstruction on its way.

You can quickly fix this error by moving your robot from that spot to another level spot.

Error 14

Your robot vacuum displays an error 14 when it faces an issue with the bot boundary strips. To fix this error, just relocate your vacuum away from these strips and start the cleaning process again.

BotBoundary strips are magnetic strips that you can use to signal your Shark robot that it should avoid a specific area.

Error 16

If your shark robot is facing difficulty while moving inside your house, the robot will display an Error 16. You should pick your robot and place it in another area, and the issue will be fixed automatically.

Error 21

The error 21 on the Shark robot indicates that the vacuum is facing issues while rebooting. To fix this issue, switch Off your robot from the power source, wait for a few minutes, then switch it ON.

Error 23

We faced this issue while we were trying to connect my Shark vacuum to the charger. This issue comes when your robot charger is not connected correctly.

You can easily fix this error by placing your shark robot on the charging base correctly and checking if the blue light is ON.

Error 24

The error 24 on the shark robot vacuum indicates battery problems. We generally see this error when the shark robot battery is low or when your robot vacuum is not charging at all.

You can fix this problem quickly by following our detailed guide on what to do when your shark robot vacuum is not charging.

Error 26

The error 26 indicates a blockage in the dust bin compartment. You can quickly fix this by cleaning the dust bag and checking for clogs in the shark vacuum.


This article serves as an extensive resource for understanding various error codes associated with different Shark robot models such as Shark ION, Shark IQ, Shark EZ, and Shark AI.

I, Robbert Randy, have meticulously categorized each error code by model type, providing clear explanations and practical troubleshooting tips. This comprehensive guide has proved to be an invaluable tool for Shark robot owners seeking to diagnose and resolve issues independently.

For Shark RV755 Series, you can download the instructions manual here.

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