How To Turn Off Narrator On TV?

The Narrator feature, also known as Audio Guidance or Audio Descriptions, is an accessibility option specially designed for people who cannot see clearly or are blind. There are times, though, when this feature gets activated by accident and you have to ask how to turn off the narrator on a TV.

The option to turn off the narrator on a TV is often found on the Settings menu under Accessibility. You can also switch it off using your remote control, or for some, a voice command can do the trick to turn this feature off.

If you’re looking for a more specific answer, then look no further as we give you some instructions on how to turn off the narrator on three different TV brands, as well as more good-to-know information about this feature.

How To Turn Off the Narrator on a TV?

How To Turn Off the Narrator on a TV

Before you start selecting different menu options on your smart remote or TV, you should first know that the Narrator feature goes by different terms like audio description, voice guide, or screen guide. Check your TV’s manual to know what term they are using for the Narrator feature.

Now that we know what option to look for, we can proceed to try to use three possible methods when turning off the narrator on your TV.

  • Method 1: Accessibility Settings
  • Method 2: Remote control shortcuts
  • Method 3: Voice command feature

Let’s explore how to use these three methods to turn off the narrator feature (also known as Blind Mode) on TV in detail.

Method 1: Use the Accessibility Settings

Going to your TV’s accessibility settings is one of the best ways, for sure, to turn off the Narrator feature on your TV. Here’s a general steps that you can follow:

1. Go to TV Settings. Every device has a Settings option, which can usually be found in the main menu. Most of the time, the settings menu has a gear or wrench icon, depending on the brand of your TV. Sometimes, there is also a dedicated button on your remote that can take you straight into Settings.

2. Browse through the options and look for the Accessibility Menu. The Accessibility menu, or Audio/Visual Options, is where you can see the features that are designed to help users with different needs. In this case, the narrator feature is there to help people who are visually impaired.

3. Select Voice Guide Settings or Narrator option. Within Accessibility, look for options like Audio Description, Voice Guide, Screen Reader, or Narrator. These terms are usually the same feature under different names. There are times when these options are also grouped according to subcategories like Vision or Audio.

4. Switch the Narrator Off. Once you find the Narrator feature, toggle or switch it off. There are instances where you might need to disable multiple features if your TV offers different types of narrated assistance.

Now, you can try to test whether you can still hear the narrator as you watch or use your TV.

Method 2: Use Remote Accessibility Shortcuts

TVs nowadays usually assign shortcut buttons to the remote control to give its users quick access to some of the TV’s functions without going to the Settings or Main Menu. Check for buttons labeled AD, short for Audio Desciption, or Narrator.

When using remote shortcuts, its still best to refer back to your manual or look for some assistance online when it comes to your TV’s remote shortcuts.

Method 3: Use Voice Commands

Some of the latest TV brands and models are equipped with voice recognition. You can use this to turn off the narrator on a TV by using voice commands. Before using voice commands, you need to make sure that it is active.

For some brands, like LG, there’s a microphone button that you can press and hold while saying the voice command prompt. You can try phrases like:

  • “Turn off Audio Description”
  • “Disable Voice Guide”
  • “Stop Narrator”

The three phrases mentioned above are just examples, and it would be better if you read your TV’s manual to know the right prompts to use when turning off the narrator feature on your TV.

One of the TV brands that has a narrator feature is Vizio, rated 5th in the list of 12 Major TV brands by Slash Gear. Here is a short video remote tutorial on how to enable or disable audio narration. 

Bonus Tips on How to Turn Off the Narrator on a TV 

When the above methods fail to work, you can try these three tips to disable the narrator function on your TV.

Check the external devices that are connected to your TV

You can connect your Smart TV to external devices like a cable box or a streaming stick. It helps if you can identify these external connections and check whether the audio description is coming from there.

Check the settings menu of your connected external device and disable the tv narration option there as well.

Apply updates to your TV’s firmware

Smart TVs get updates too, and outdated firmware can sometimes affect the settings of your TV, which include the narration option.

Updating your firmware most of the time can resolve bugs or software issues.

Call customer service or seek help from your TV’s support

After checking and double-checking your TV’s settings, if the narrator option still continues to work, it’s time to ask for some assistance from your TV manufacturer’s customer support.

When you reach out to customer service, you’ll get a more personalized solution where they can guide you through the process of turning off this particular feature.

Turning Off Blind Mode or Audio Narration Mode on Popular TV Brands and Streaming Apps

How To Turn off Narrator on Samsung TV?

Here’s how you can turn off blind mode on your Samsung tv:

  1. Click on “Settings”.
  2. Choose “General (General & Privacy)” > Accessibility.
  3. Choose “Voice Guide Settings” and click on “Voice Guide”.

Play a video to check if the feature is disabled.

How To Turn off Narrator on Sony TV?

  1. Navigate to Settings > Accessibility settings.
  2. Choose “Audio Description” and Toggle it OFF.

How To Turn off Narrator on Apple TV?

apple tv narration

To disable audio narration function on an Apple TV, use these steps:

  1. Press “Menu” button on your Apple TV remote.
  2. Go to “Settings” and select “Accessibility.”
  3. Now, select “Voice Over” to toggle it OFF.

How To Turn off Narrator on Youtube TV?

For YouTube TV, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” and choose “System.”
  2. Select “Accessibility” and choose “Closed captions.”
  3. Finally, choose “DVs” and turn it off.

How To Turn off Narrator on Netflix?

To deactive voice guide settings on Netflix:

  1. Navigate to Home page and select “Settings.”
  2. Choose “General” and select “Accessibility”.
  3. Select “Video Descriptions” and turn it OFF.

How To Turn off Narrator on Xfinity?

You will need the remote to deactivate voice guide on Xfinity. Once, you have the remote handy:

  1. Open the “Accessibility Settings” on your Xfinity by pressing the “B” key.
  2. In the accessibility settings, press the “B” key one more time.
  3. Now, you will get the ON/OFF menu. Choose “OK” to turn the audio narration OFF.

How To Turn off Narrator on Roku TV?

To turn off the Narrator on your Roku TV, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Settings Menu: Press the Home button on Roku remote to navigate to the “Settings” menu.
  2. Navigate to Accessibility: Within the Settings menu, scroll down and select “Accessibility.”
  3. Choose Audio Guide (Narrator): Under Accessibility, find and select “Audio Guide” or “Narrator,” depending on your Roku TV model.
  4. Turn Off Audio Guide: In the Audio Guide settings, toggle the switch to turn off the Audio Guide or Narrator feature.
  5. Confirm Deactivation: Confirm that you want to turn off the Narrator feature.
  6. Return to Home Screen: Press the Home button on your remote to return to the Roku home screen.

By following these steps, you can successfully turn off the Narrator feature on your Roku TV, enhancing your viewing experience without the additional audio guide.

How To Mute the TV Narration Function When it’s Not Needed?

Sometimes, your TV narration accidentally gets activated with the remote. Here are the ways you can mute the TV narration function when it is not needed:

  • Find you TV manual and check how to turn it OFF.
  • You can also navigate to Settings and turn off captions and narration.
  • If you are experiencing narration audio lags, you should try adjusting audio delay settings.
  • You can control narration with just your remote using the TV CEC.
  • You can also use wireless headphones to minimize distracting narration with a bluetooth compatible TV.

Note: All TVs don’t support audio narration.


The narrator feature on your TV is an accessible option especially for people who have issues with their eyesight. So, when answering the question, “How to Turn Off the Narrator on a TV?” The three methods that you use are checking on the accessibility options, using remote shortcuts, or using voice command.

When the methods mentioned above did not work, you can always check the external devices connected to your TV and turn off the narrator feature there or apply the latest updates to your TV’s system. Lastly, feel free to reach out to the manufacturer’s customer support for a more personalized solution.”

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