Which Roomba Model Do I Have? Find Serial Number

You can find the Roomba Serial Number under the battery, bin, or at the base of the vacuum. Locating the serial number of your Roomba model is essential – and easy! As soon as you get that information, you’ll be ready to go!

Roomba vacuums come with a tonne of additional accessories, like replacement filters and dustbins, that can be required to be bought if you face any issues with the original ones. Still, you can’t do that if you don’t know the model number.

Do you know which Roomba model you own? Or Need help troubleshooting your iRobot Roomba robot vacuums or want to purchase new accessories?

You can find a great deal of information about your product, like the manufacturing date, the model number, and other details from this serial number. 

All this information can come in handy while registering your device on the iRobot website and searching for replacement components for your Roomba.

Find out why it is important to know the Roomba serial number and where you can find Roomba vacuum models’ serial numbers.

Why Should You Know Which Model of Roomba You Have?

roomba model number location

Roombas undergo maintenance and replacement throughout their lifetime. So, if you buy one today, the unit will not be the same, intact with all its present components.

Whenever it experiences problems in the future, one or more parts, such as filters and dustbins, will have to be replaced for the unit to be fixed. 

To choose the right accessories, you must first know the model of the Roomba you own; then, only you can land on the right ones.

Additionally, it gets easier to find solutions and seek assistance if you already know what model you are dealing with. 

For example, suppose you call customer care for assistance with a particular issue with your device and don’t know your Roomba’s model number.

The support people will not be able to guide you effectively as the location of buttons, and switches are located differently on different models. 

Whether restarting or resetting, performing the same operation on different models entails different steps.

How do I Find the Model Number and Series of Roomba Robot Vacuum?

finding roomba Model Number and Series

There could be several ways to find out the model of your Roomba vacuum, like through how they look or through the differences in buttons, but the easiest way is through the serial number.

Where can I find the Serial Number on the iRobot Roomba?

The Serial number of the Roomba can be very easily located on the base of it. Turn Roomba upside down, detach it from the dust bin and search for the serial number once the bin has been removed.

While for most devices, you will get the serial number just by removing the dustbin, if you own a Roomba from an earlier generation, you might also have to remove the battery.

All serial numbers usually begin with three letters, followed by a sequence of digits; the iRobot MINT is the sole exception since it only has numerical values.

The serial number is located on the base of the Roomba or under the battery or bin. 

Since the location of the serial number varies on different model numbers, I have compiled a table below with the location of the serial number on various Roomba models. (1)

iRobot Roomba SeriesSerial Number Location
Roomba S SeriesRobot vacuum Base
Roomba i and j seriesUnder bin
Roomba E SeriesUnder bin
Roomba 500 to 900 SeriesUnder bin
Roomba Create & Dirt DogUnder battery
Roomba 400 seriesUnder battery
Roomba j7 comboUnder bin
Braava jet m seriesUnder the tank
Braava 300 Series and MintUnderneath the handle
Scooba 400 and 300 SeriesUnder the tank 
Scooba 200 SeriesUnder the bottom plate or pad
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Here’s how you can the serial number of your Roomba vacuum model:

  • Cut off the power to your Roomba vacuum (this is to ensure safety).
  • Turn the Roomba over so the wheels are pointed upward.
  • Take the Roomba’s trash can off. You might have to take the battery compartment out of certain older models.
  • For different models, the location of the serial numbers is different, so you might have to frisk the device a little bit before reaching the serial number.

Understanding The Roomba Model Number

The serial numbers are written on a barcoded, black-and-white sticker. You don’t have to search separately for the model number. Once you have located and noted down the serial number, you can deduce the model number from it.

The Roomba robot vacuum’s model number is a three-digit number. The first digit denotes the Roomba series, while the next two denote the model number. (2)

Let's understand with an example. 
When you see the Roomba's 3-digit model number as 980. 
You can decode that your Roomba belongs to the 900 series, 
and its model number is 80.

How To Register your Roomba on the iRobot website?

If you’re the proud owner of a Roomba, once set up, it will ask for your registration on the iRobot website to link with your serial number. This helps keep track of its location, download updates, and stay within warranty – ensuring you get all benefits out of this wonderful technology!

The advantages of registering your Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner include a 15% discount on iRobot Roombas parts and accessories.

However, your warranty rights won’t be compromised if you don’t register your device.

You can register your Roomba via the iRobot HOME App or the iRobot website. Once you have registered your Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, your Roomba account will display the vacuum’s model number and a list of some of its characteristics. 

Upon the sale or transfer of the vacuum to a new owner, the website will confirm its model and authenticity.


To get the proper accessories for your Roomba or address any problems you eventually face with your device, you need to know which Roomba model you have. Though there are many ways, checking the serial number is the easiest way to determine your own Roomba model.

If you can’t deduce the model number from the serial number, take a photo of the serial number and upload it to an image search engine. If you’re still unsure about the model number, you may select the “show me more” checkbox and browse the list until you locate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Serial Number Tell the Roomba’s Age?

You can find your Roomba vacuum’s age if you know the serial number. The last six digits of your Roomba serial number represent the manufacturing date in the year, month, and day. 

Once you know the serial number, all you have to do is change it back into the date format, and you have the age of Roomba. 

Suppose the last six digits of your Roomba’s serial number are 100418; the manufacturing date is April 18, 2001.

Do I Need the Serial Number to Get a Refund?

If you bought your Roomba straight from iRobot, you don’t need the serial number to claim a refund. However, there are other items that you must have, such as the invoice containing the order number, order name, and your address. Please retain the original packaging and packaging slip as well.

How Many Roomba Models Are There?

There are dozens of distinct Roombas belonging to the same or different generations, each with a substantial number of variations.

The Roomba 694, Roomba s9+, Roomba j7+, and Roomba i3+ EVO are the company’s four main product lines.

While some of these devices can map and learn your home for navigation, others can clean while avoiding obstacles in the path. 

What is the oldest Roomba model?

The oldest and first Roomba model is the first generation which includes the silver Roomba, blue Roomba Pro, and maroon Roomba Pro Elite. These were introduced in September 2002; they had three buttons for room size. (3)

The National Museum of American History has a groundbreaking robotic vacuum in its collection known as the original Roomba model. It is described as revolutionary, with the ability to change direction when coming across an obstacle, an infrared beam, and powered by a battery. This stunning invention was the first-ever successful domestic robot that made history!

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