5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Smart TV

Smart TVs are growing in popularity. They’re also constantly getting extra features every day. If you love watching TV, smart TVs can be hard to resist.

Having said that, smart TVs have many drawbacks, including their expensive price. Once you get accustomed to the shiny nature of smart TVs, you’ll realize that they’re nothing but screens with a Wi-Fi connection.

Still not convinced? Read on to learn all the reasons why you shouldn’t buy a smart TV and how you can enjoy streaming platforms at a fraction of the price. Let’s dive in!

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Smart TV?

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Smart TV

A smart TV would definitely be a bad idea if you don’t have the budget, or don’t watch TV that often. Yet, there are numerous reasons why a smart TV might not be right for you, including:

1. Smart TVs Have Unreliable Performance

Smart TVs have their fair share of issues, from connecting to your Wi-Fi to installing streaming applications.

Setting up the smart TV is the first problem you’ll face. It should be easy if you follow the user manual. However, your Wi-Fi might be incompatible with the TV, the cable connection might require specific steps, and you’ll need to install all the apps.

That’s not all. You can even find it difficult to navigate all the features of a smart TV. In theory, you can use these devices to scroll through social media, play music, browse the web, and play video games. That said, using your phone would be a lot simpler.

On the other hand, regular TV screens are simple. There are no software, cache, applications, or network connectivity issues. A regular TV would only stop working if the screen breaks.

2. Applications Need Updated Devices

Smart TVs are constantly getting upgraded, which means newer software is available. Unlike phones, though, performing a software update is a lengthy process. Moreover, some firmware updates aren’t available for all devices.

Streaming platforms, Wi-Fi connection, and other features will require upgraded devices. Accordingly, even if you update your TV’s software regularly, there’ll come a point where the device is obsolete, and you’ll need to buy another expensive smart TV.

3. Smart TVs Are Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Smart TVs Are Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

You might believe smart TVs are the last devices cybercriminals would target. After all, they have no camera access, and the only information hackers might find about you is the TV shows you’re currently binging.

It’s crucial to understand that smart TVs are essentially computers (and weak ones at that). So, hackers can simply access your personal information through your smart TV. They can also make their way into your home internet connection, gaining sensitive information.

For this reason, not only is it essential to take safety measures and protect your TV from malicious attacks, but you must also be aware of all the signs that your smart TV might be infected.

4. You Can Transform Any TV Screen Into a Smart TV

Smart TVs have a hefty price tag and numerous disadvantages. These drawbacks might not be enough to dissuade you from making the purchase, especially if you’re an avid TV watcher.

Well, what if I told you that you can get a smart TV at a fraction of the price, without any downsides?

Here’s the thing: A smart TV is essentially a TV screen connected to the internet. Accordingly, you can link your screen with any device, such as your phone or laptop. Then, you’ll get to enjoy features identical to those of smart TVs.

5. Streaming Is a Thing of the Past

The main appeal of smart TVs is the ability to stream any movie or TV show at any time. With the price you’re paying for a top-notch smart TV, you’d think a streaming platform subscription is free.

Unfortunately, you also have to subscribe to your favorite streaming platform, most of which are upping their subscription fees. They’re also incorporating ads into your viewing, which makes opting for streaming platforms over cable obsolete.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are numerous platforms available, each with a limited selection of entertainment. Needless to say, streaming isn’t the most economical option. So, you should think twice before cord-cutting.

What To Get Instead of a Smart TV?

If you have a perfectly good TV screen, there’s no need to upgrade to an expensive smart TV. Instead, you could try any of the following methods to enjoy the same features:

Media Streaming Devices

There isn’t a shortage of media streaming devices on the market. Whether you want a budget-friendly streaming stick or a complete media system, you’ll find the right option.

The best part is that you can even lease some devices, making them more affordable.

Laptop Connection

So, you’ve got your favorite streaming platforms on your laptop, but you prefer viewing on a larger screen? All you need is a practical HDMI cable.

Then, you can browse the internet as you please, with the TV as your screen.

Portable Drive

Lastly, if you only want the smart TV to watch shows and movies, the most affordable option would be to download the content onto your device.

Next, copy the movie or show to an external drive, connect it to your TV, and enjoy your movie night!


There are many reasons why you shouldn’t buy a streaming TV. The high price tag is only one of them. Smart TVs can be difficult to navigate, not to mention the countless updates you need to download. If you’re not careful, you might put yourself at risk of malicious cyberattacks.

In fact, if you take a closer look at your lifestyle, the devices you own, and the capabilities of smart TVs, you might find that you don’t need this expensive device to begin with.

That’s because you can access your favorite streaming platforms through your regular TV screen. All you need is a cable and a laptop. You can also purchase a less expensive streaming device, without having to replace your old TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really necessary to have a smart TV?

No, its not a necessary to have a smart TV to stream content online or use apps on your television. You can provide smart TV capabilities to a regular TV by using streaming devices such as Amazon FireStick or Roku.

What are the concerns with smart TVs?

The primary concern for a smart TV is that it may be hacked or infected with malware which can result in unexpected pop-up ads or messages, unresponsive remote control, performance issues and abnormal change in settings.

Why would anyone want a smart TV?

A smart TV can directly connect to the internet and has an operating system (android) that can provide access to view content from streaming Apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ etc. without need of any external streaming devices like fire Stick or Roku.

What is the average life of a smart TV?

On average, a TV can last for around 7-10 years or 100,000 hours of use.

Can someone see you through your smart TV?

The manufacturers of smart tvs use data to provide exceptional user experience to their users. But, in the recent years, we have seen a lot of hacking issues with smart tvs, so yes, someone can see you through your smart TV if its hacked and this is a major concern.

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