Why is My Roomba Brush Not Spinning? How To Fix This!

If your Roomba’s side brushes is not rotating, you should clean them, lubricate them or replace them. Unfortunately, regular maintenance is an unavoidable part of using smart vacuums.

Is your Roomba side brush not spinning? That’s what I faced a few days back while my Roomba was on its cleaning duties.

Do you want to know the reasons behind why is your Roomba side brush not spinning and how you can fix your Roomba and make these brushes work again?

Here is an easy-to-follow troubleshooting guide on how to make your roomba brushes work again.

Why does the Roomba Brush Stop Spinning?

roomba brush stopped spinning

The robot’s side brush makes it easier to get into nooks and crevices and remove accumulated dust and debris, a crucial part of your regular cleaning schedules. Without the side brush, the Roomba would find it difficult to clean the ledges and corners in these difficult-to-reach areas.

A few issues might be present if your Roomba’s side brush won’t spin.

We’ve included some of the most frequent causes of this problem to assist you in solving the problem: (1)

Hair and Debris Getting Stuck

A portion of the dirt and debris that the machine picks up may get tangled in the Roomba side brush. When the brush becomes tangled, it will completely cease spinning.

This frequently occurs when errant pieces of clothes or hair get entangled between the brush and its encircling cover. 

Your Roomba vacuum will stop and refuse to proceed further if the rotating section of the cleaning brush becomes jammed.

Error Message

error message on roomba

The other reason might be an error message. A red light followed by an error message and an error code appear when a Roomba robot vacuum malfunctions. 

This “light code” informs you of the ongoing internal situation and offers suggestions for resolving it. You must examine the code and learn what it is specifically for using the user guide and then take steps to troubleshoot your device.

Side-Brush Being Worn Out

worn irobot roomba brush

Excessive usage leads to wear and tear in side brushes. If you have been subjecting your robot vacuum to heavy usage or have been using it for quite a long time, it’s a possibility that it has worn out.

When there are little to no bristles on the rotation axle, it becomes harder for it to spin; as a result, your side brush stops spinning.

However, if your irobot is not charging, you can see our troubleshooting guide to fix Roomba Not Charging issue.

Check iRobot App To Find Out the Brush Health Status

check health status on irobot App

Besides gauging from how they look, you can also find out if your brushes need to be replaced through the Roomba App.

To check the brush health status:

  • Log into your iRobot App.
  • Navigate to the Settings option. 
  • Click on your device’s name, and a digital health option will appear. You can find out how long you can use it and when to replace your existing Roomba brushes. 

If they are completely worn out, you can order new side brush module and get them fixed into your Robot vacuum.

How do I Fix My Roomba Brushes Not Spinning?

Maintaining your Roomba’s effectiveness requires regular cleaning since even a little particle of debris may impair how well it performs. Wipe any dirt or debris from parts you can disassemble. 

Here are some of our proven troubleshooting ways to fix the Roomba brush not spinning.

Clean Fust From Underneath The Side Brush 

clean brush

Despite how paradoxical it may appear to be, the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is still a device that requires proper maintenance and cleaning. 

As the side brushes come into touch with various kind of debris your vacuum is collecting—pet hair, tiny rags, and dust particles- the area beneath and around the side brush need to be cleaned periodically.

Whether the brushes work on hardwood floors or deeply embedded carpets, they stir up tenacious stains and caked-on filth. They could, however, become clogged with dirt and pet hair after some usage. 

Consequently, they can stop spinning and functioning; you’ll need to clean them to get them back in working condition thoroughly.

To clean the side brush:

  1. Lift up the yellow tabls and remove the brush guard on one side while holding the brush at the same time.
  2. Remove the cap to clear off any debris or hair that may have been lodged in the bearing.
  3. Use your fingertips to remove any debris or hair that has become lodged within.

This portion may be challenging. Usually, hair forms a tight ball around the brush and needs to be pulled free. If you cannot remove it by hand, cut them free with a blade or pair of scissors.

Place the brushes back where they belong once the cleaning is done.

Test the brush to check whether it is rotating again or not. You should take the Roomba for repair if the brushes don’t spin. (2)

Clean Dirt Inside The Gearbox

You won’t be able to use some of your Roomba’s most crucial functions, like the spinning motion of the side brush, if the gearbox has any problems because it’s like the control room for your robot vacuum device.

As the oil, dirt, debris and other material accumulate, a coating of sludge may form that prevents the Roomba from moving. When this occurs, take the side brush gearbox out and thoroughly clean it.

The robot’s rear side houses the gearbox. The gears are revealed by opening a small door on the body’s bottom. Just take that covering off to access your gearbox.

You should clean the gears with a dry cloth and remove any dust or dirt. You should grease the gearbox and clear it of all debris.

On each gear, lightly lubricate it with WD-40 or another type of lubricant. Don’t use it so much that it drops; be careful.

Reassemble the gears and check the Roomba to verify whether the brush not spinning issue has been resolved.

Lubricate The Side Brush Motor Shaft

Lubricate Side Brush Motor Shaft

Loosen and remove the screws on either side of the side brush with the help of a screwdriver and remove the wires to free it from its container so you can clean your irobot Roomba. 

Apply a modest quantity of vegetable oil or another typical home lubricant to the gears afterwards.

Regular lubrication keeps all the mechanical parts of the device running smoothly, so it is one of the most economical maintenance tasks you can perform to keep the side brushes running on your Roomba robot.

Your Roomba’s side brush may work like new with just a little lubrication. Additionally, you’ll end up spending less overall on replacement components.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my Roomba brush spin?

First, figure out the reason behind the brush not spinning. If it is because of jamming, cleaning the dirt from the brush will be your primary task. The brush must then be removed using the screws located beneath it. After that, clean out the side brush of all debris.

Will Roomba work without a side brush?

The robot vacuum will still function without the side brushes, but cleaning performance may suffer. Dust, hair, and pet fur may not be a problem, but sugar, sand, or heavy dirt may not be able to be picked up since the suction won’t be as “focused” as it is with the rollers and the brush together.

Why does my Roomba keep stopping and saying clean brushes?

Typically, hair becoming lodged in the brushes is to blame for this. To resolve this issue, remove the rotating brushes or rollers below the Roomba, remove any other blockages, and then replace the brushes.

How do I make my Roomba brush spin again?

The first step in making your Roomba brush spin is to check the filter. A clogged filter can prevent proper air flow, which can keep the brushes from spinning. Replace or clean the filter and make sure that there are no obstructions blocking the Roomba’s roller brushes.

Is the Roomba side brush supposed to spin all the time?

Roomba side brush should only spin while it is in cleaning mode. If the side brush appears to be spinning all the time, then something may be wrong with your Roomba. Check the manual for more information on how to troubleshoot this issue.

How often should you change Roomba brush?

It is recommended that you replace the roller brushes on your Roomba every 3-6 months, depending on how frequently you use it. It’s also a good idea to inspect and clean them regularly to make sure they are in good condition.


Most of the time, dirt or hair prevents the Roomba brush from spinning. Therefore, frequent maintenance is required for your robot vacuum. Its gears and brushes should be often checked and cleared of debris. If you own this cleaning tool, you should clean the brushes and head unit at least once weekly.

If you discover any breakage on the Roomba brush, you should buy a replacement side brush module to preserve the device’s efficiency.

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